Thank You Oprah Winfrey. What You Can Do to Help Put an End to Puppy Mills

"You've Seen Oprah's Show: Now What You Can Do to Keep Up the Fight Against the Pet Trade

Puppy mill "I'm a changed woman," says Oprah. The famed talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, says she will never buy another dog, that she will only adopt dogs from shelters. This after Oprah produced a show about puppymills. The show aired on April 4.

With Bill Smith of Main Line Animal Rescue and Wayne Pacelle of Humane Society of the United States as guests, Oprah showed her audience film from an undercover investigation by Lisa Ling and Smith of several puppymills.

The film depicted puppy mill dogs living or existing in filthy deplorable conditions, almost all in crowded cages too small for them to move around much, if at all. The cages often had chicken wire for flooring. The dogs were covered in waste, matted and starving with open wounds and other injuries. The female dogs were in particularly poor condition, having been bred continuously since they were puppies. The dogs were desperate to get out of their cages.

Many could not even walk when they were removed from the cages. In many cases, they were unsocialized and afraid of people.

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