Interview With No-Kill Activist Nathan J. Winograd From Itchmo

Some people and humane organizations say no-kill is the same as hoarding. They believe it is more humane to euthanize animals, even healthy adoptable ones, rather than have them live out their lives in cages, rescues, and other potentially understaffed organizations. Others vehemently disagree saying this philosophy promotes negativism and hopelessness for a problem where there is hope if only people changed their consciousness about animal sheltering and animals. The no-kill movement is a social movement. It is primarily about the animals and saving their lives, but it is also about us as individuals and a society. How do we want to live and what are our values?

Nathan J. Winograd is a controversial figure to many.
To me he is a very intelligent man and animal lover who has a lot to tell us about how we can begin to change the shelter system to stop the killing. All we need to do is listen to what he says and be open.

BTW. There are wonderful rescues that have cage free environments. They do not hoard. They have significant adoption rates. Cage free rescues and shelters are a topic for another post.

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