Princess, Great Pyrenees Dumped At High Kill Shelter Ohio. Read Why

I know there are responsible pet owners. I know as much as I hate to say this there might be responsible breeders. Although with all the killing of animals in shelters and pounds, I find it hard to say anyone who breeds more cats and dogs is responsible. Okay, throw tomatoes at me. I don't care. There are already pure breeds in pounds and rescues. Princess is an example.
Here is an example or what I am talking about. This Great Pyrenees was dumped in this pound because she did not breed. Is that a reason to kill an animal? She has an extended headache. If the owner was a responsible person who valued dogs for more than the money he or she could get from selling them, they would have found an alternate situation for this dog. But who cares if the dog is killed? The dog did not serve this person's needs.
Princess is in temporary foster care. What a big beauty. Here is the contact information and website of the pound. The shelter could use donations of blankets and food and volunteers. Will the other dogs in the picture with Princess get out alive?
Monday through Friday 2pm-5pm
Gallia County Animal Shelter (HIGH KILL SHELTER)
186 Shawnee Lane
Gallipolis, OH 45631
Phone: 740-441-0207

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