Kimmie Got Lucky.They Couldn't Kill Her at the Shelter Because .........

"This is a plea for funds for Kimmie. Can you please help us so she can get to the Florida Sanctuary at end of the week.
Please crosspost to all you know and email all you know
Kimmie thanks you!!

Hi my name is Kimmie. I am an older girl who caught a break in life when the shelter I was in freezer broke down and they could not euthanise me. So I got a break because then some very nice people took me out of there.
But now I need help. I am at a vets in SC trying to find my way to Florida to stay at the Sanctuary Animal Refuge. We need help getting me there and I guess you can see from my pictures that I have some pretty bad skin issues. The vet here thought I was not worth saving but everyone else does and I am thankful for that as I am not ready to die now.

University Animal Hospital will be checkign me out once I get to Florida. I have really bad arthritis in my hips and my walk is odd but I still am loveable. The vet here wants to run a lot of tests but they want me to be seen by a Dr. Eich in Florida who has helped many of the Sanctuary dogs. I really want to get there and feel better. Will you help me? Please

As you can see from the pictures, Kimmie has horrible skin infections. We don't know yet the specifics as she only got to the vet late on Thursday and we are waiting for test results to come back on the tests we had done. She came to the shelter already spayed, and is HW-, a big big plus when it comes to asking for donations for her care, and a big plus for this poor girl not to have to undergo the HW treatment. She does have arthritis in her hips.

Sanctuary Animal Refuge has agreed to take Kimmie on a transport on Friday and she will be kept there, treated, and either adopted when she gets well or loved there for the rest of her life.

The shelter felt this was a dog that didn't deserve a chance. The vet said she was sure Kimmie had to be HW+ and be unspayed. Well, the vet was thankfully wrong on both counts. And enough of us wanted her to have a chance at a loving life. All of the coincidences in the past week prove she should live - from the freezer breaking down to the vet being sure she was heartworm positive and unspayed and he was wrong to a sanctuary opening up a spot for her. Please do not let her die now when so many are trying to help her to live.

We need donations for her testing, boarding and care this week at the vet's office, a volunteer(s) to drive her from Greenville SC to meet the transport in Atlanta, and then donations for her care at the rescue/sanctuary.

Anything - a dollar, two - or more - to get Kimmie to where she needs to be will be so gratefully appreciated. Prayers are also needed for this brave girl who wants so much to live.

Kimmie was a throwaway dog once. We need to make sure this never happens to her again.

If you would like to donate for her care in South Carolina please call or send a check to:

Wadehampton Veterinary Clinic
2412 Wadehampton Boulevard
Greenville, SC 29615

Here is the estimate from the vet for Kimmie's stay from Friday, April 25, to Saturday, May 3rd:
Ms. Henry,

I have included 2 invoices…the first is for treatment that has been completed and credited to the account and the second is for recent treatment and that which will sustain until Saturday. The second invoice also includes a discount that Dr. Grist has offered. She is willing to take 10% off all services except the grooming which is roughly a $55.00 discount off the total bill.

Total cost: $550.75 (which includes the $55 discount)

Donations made: $250.00

Current balance (for charges through Sat): $300.75

Regarding Paypal…I believe that if someone wanted to send a donation through Paypal they could if they have a paypal account. They would just need to use the “Send Money” link and send it to (this is the e-mail we have set-up with our Paypal account).

I hope I have answered all of your questions…feel free to call or e-mail if you need anything else.

Office Manager
Wade Hampton Veterinary Clinic
2412 Wade Hampton Blvd; Greenville
(864) 244-1658

If you would like to donate for her care at Dr., Eichs in Florida or her transport or her care at the Sanctaury please either paypal or mail to Sanctuary Animal Refuge, 210 N Palomino Street, Clewiston FL 33440"

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