2008 Meeting To Stop Using Heartstick Without Sedation SC Attend If You Live In Area

It is a credit to the County Council to stop the improper euthanizations and seek ways to correct this problem from knowledgable people in the animal welfare community. Kudos to them. Please support the homeless animals at this shelter and the shelter by attending the meeting if you are in the area.

"A small rural shelter has been euthing by means of HEARTSTICK without sedation, which is against the law yet it has continued in the county.
One local volunteer, has made the County take notice! After filing a complaint with the County Administrator, The Cherokee County Council has suspended all euths pending an emergency council meeting scheduled for 3PM Thursday. They have asked that people in the animal welfare field attend to offer input on how they can comply with the law and make needed changes at the shelter. If you live in the area please plan to attend. The administration building is located at 210 N limestone Street in Gaffney, SC.
Please attend if possible – this is concerning the shelter's use of the heartstick to euthanize animals.
For now it looks as though the county is trying to improve so we ask that you DO NOT contact the county to complain, if they don't make progress on the issue after the meeting we will continue to fight and then start the phone calls.
You can reach Andrea at SavingGP-owner@ yahoogroups. com (yahoogroups. com) for more infomation."


BONNIE J said...

This is strictly illegal and I don't see how any municipality can get around this.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Bonnie,
This is an older post. Any post on the blog without a date is older so it is not up to date concerning this situation.
There was a problem with blogger not putting in dates automatically in post and I just didn't think to manually post them. Sorry about this.

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Elizabeth said...

The post is from 2008.