2/27/14 OH Duke the Dog WILL BE KILLED NEXT WEEK IF NO RESCUE, FOSTER or ADOPTER IS FOUND. Duke was on table to be killed once before but "they looked into his beautiful eyes."

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"I'm in an URGENT place with Duke. He is going to be euthanized next week if I cannot find place.   We are at a place where Greg's rescue just cannot keep Duke as they have strict insurance guidelines. Duke is a wonderful boy and Greg and I both feel is easily recoverable outside a kennel. I think he probably needs a vet eval and medicine even to calm him and he would be phenomenal.  Or even outside a kennel environment, he would be phenomenal.

I asked Greg to give me until the weekend or I'm afraid we will have to make the decision to put him down and I cannot live with that......

Please help me find him a place. I am brokenhearted.

Hi all! Duke was rescued from Green River, KY a few months ago by Tracey Freeland (Pawsitive Energy and SNIPS in Marysville) and I. He was actually put on the table to be euth'd and they could not do it because they looked into his beautiful eyes, so we took him with another dog named Finn- black lab pup. We vetted and neutered both Finn and Duke and Finn went to Cleveland APL was adopted to an amazing family. My wonderful friend Greg Willey at Friendship APL took Duke after he was fully vetted. The problem is Friendship APL and Greg and staff ADORE Duke but he is not doing okay in a kennel environment (very kennel stressed) and at Friendship APL, even though he gets to go out alot, walked, and plays, he is still in a kennel environment.

He has been adopted twice and we cannot take the chance leaving him at Friendship APL in the kennel environment. Again, he is very loved there and well cared for but needs to be in a foster home to adjust to home environment. The staff there have been very sad when he has been brought back.

He is very friendly but loves to play hard and was returned the first time due to not getting along with the family's dog. The second time, he nipped at a child but again, we are only hearing a piece of that and he did not hurt the child.

We think he would be better in a home with a more submissive dog (he did fine with Finn and others and loves to play- just plays rough. He is very protective over bones, etc.). He would probably be better with kids 10 and over.

Again, he is amazing and lovable and very playful and Greg and I want to ensure he has a chance at a FUREVER life.

So, I am begging any of my beloved friends in Columbus - can we find a foster and help find him a FUREVER home. We think he will adjust very well once outside the kennel environment for a period.

Much love.

Rachel  Columbus, Ohio
Please contact Rachel at racheljean1980@hotmail.com

Please contact Rachel at racheljean1980@hotmail.com


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