3/1/14" Rutherford Co, NC: URGENT -- adorable Manx/bobtail, two tabby kitten " Shelter is full! Give These Shelter Cats a Chance at Life.

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The shelter is full and cats don't get to stay long... if you can
help even ONE of these beautiful cats, please let me know ASAP at
tierbee@verizon.net (@verizon.net). With rescue commitment we can
get them out and into our fosters. There is no pull fee for
approved rescues.
PLEASE share. The shelter closes at 2 pm today and Friday is
usually euthanasia day.
ID # A028270
Black and white female
About 5 months old.
ID# A028314
Male black and white bobtail.
About 1-2 years old.
ID #s <https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/s> A028312 (left) and
A028309 (right)
About 4 months old.
Both female.
One brown tabby and one cream/tan.

Erin Silks/Rural Shelter Transports


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