1/3/14 California/ Watch Video Of Man Surrender His Dog to Shelter. Watch Him Drag the Dog on the Floor. The Dog is Terrified. Do Owner Surrendered Dogs Know Their Owners are Dumping Them at Kill Shelters? Please Help Ginger and Other Owner Surrendered Dogs Find Homes. Ginger Was Brought to the Shelter After Having Two Litters of Puppies. The Owner Needed to Be Educated on Spay and Neuter IMO. Owner Wanted His Dog Put Down. No Respect for Life Like the City of Sochi in Russia.They are Hosting the Olympics and Hired An Exterminating Company to Murder the Stray Homeless Dogs.

from Dog News Examiner,  a great site

"Our dogs have an uncanny ability to know what is going on...a glance at the keys and they are ready to go for a car ride, walking towards the running shoes and they bound for the door, a mutter of "cookie," and they run for the pantry.
As such it is not a stretch to believe that they know when they are no longer wanted - to know that their life is in jeopardy, to know that they are going to die.
A volunteer who take photos and video of dogs who are at the San Bernardino, Calif. City Animal Control captured Ginger's heartbreaking disposal at the facility on Saturday.
Ginger's owner asked for her to be destroyed - the reason? He could not care for her anymore.
Ginger huddled on the floor, her entire body shaking in fear - her face pressed to the wall and her eyes wide with terror... "


  • Shelter: 5210 W. Ave. I, Lancaster, CA 93536
  • Phone: (661) 940-4191
  • Petharbor link here
  • ID#A460620
  • Age 4 years
  • Facebook thread here
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Other Dogs Surrendered- So Sad

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