10/5/13 Angels Answer, Inc.- Emergency Food Pantry for People " is branching out to provide service to animals in crisis. "- Massachusetts

''We provide Food and Supplies to those in need during stressful times.

We aide Food Pantries, Natural Disasters, Children with Cancer and
other Agency's. Your generous Donations help Feed and Support
Families during difficult times.
Linda S. Lloyd-Care Director
Angels Answer, Inc. is on the board of directors for Pathway To Renewal
an organization that provides aide to area Tornado Victims.
Our Mission Statement is "To be an Angel on the Earth and aid children,
elders and families in need during difficult times."
Angels Answer, Inc. is branching out to provide service to animals in crisis.
Families are struggling to feed themselves and what happens to the family pet
during a family crisis?  When disaster strikes, whether from a storm or family

 emergency, food will  be available for the beloved pets, too!
Monetary donations are greatly appreciated as well as pet foods, wet and dry!
Thank-you for your support!

We welcome a donation of a truck or van to be 
used to transport food to more people and their pets.''



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