10/29/13 Barney Handsome Male Adult Tabby Cat Needs Home/ Massachusetts Broken Tail Rescue- Barney is safe in a great rescue but he sure could use a home. He was abandoned and found in a trap for feral kitties. Are you the one to adopt him? Lots of other Cats and Dogs at this Rescue needing homes too. What a Sweetie!

Broken Tail Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 295
Worcester, MA 01614
Phone: 508-625-0332
Email: info@brokentailrescue.org

"Barney is a cute little guy, and obviously was someone's cherished pet at one point. He was trapped along with some feral cats, but the trappers called us when they realized that Barney was not feral, just another victim of a household pet being abandoned to the streets. he really enjoys being in a house again..."
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