10/09/13 Mareitta OHIO"3-year old, female, Australian Cattle Dog (named Jennifer by previous owner"

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 "Can you please read the Bio below and look at her pictures-- she is just 30 # and is very mannerly and well behaved. She is fine with other dogs big and small as well as males or females-- has a very nice tempermant-- can you please post her for us in hopes of finding her a new home--

Celeste Ridgway
HSOV Rescue and Transport Coordinator

From: Celeste Ridgway <cr_ridgway@yahoo.com>

3-year old, female, Australian Cattle Dog (named Jennifer by previous owner)
Tricolor short smooth coat, long tail, beautiful face with erect ears
Surrendered by her owner  along with two other dogs **
Weight: 30 lbs.
Kennel card number:  37430
** Surrendered with an 8-year old neutered male Brittany Spaniel (Trymain) and a 10-year old female Shih Tzu (Gayle).

“Jennifer” was a little apprehensive coming out of her floor crate and walking outside with me for pictures, but once we got outside she was fine i think she was just not comfortable with the new place she was in and missing her two buddies she came in with.  When we came back to the shelter, several of the kennel techs were outside the front door and one of the young ladies was sitting on the concret and “Jennifer” went over and laid down and put her head in the girl’s lap for attention .. rolled over on her back, etc. J
She appears to have a flea allergy and was given a bath as soon as she entered the shelter since she was covered in fleas L  Jennifer wasn’t too keen about a bath L

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