10/11/13 Halifax County Humane Society Virginia Has Amazon.com Wish List So They Can Care for The Animals. Why Not Send Them Some Love in the Form of A Gift From the Wish List?

About  The Halifax County Humane Society

 "The Halifax County Humane Society is a non-sheltered program that rescues animals and provides them for adoption to loving families. Since we are non-sheltered, we rely on generous people who are willing to be foster parents to animals while they wait to be adopted. We survive solely on donations and fund raisers."


Dog Houses, Kennels,  Kong Toys, Leashes and more.

 Midwest Homes for Pets 36 inches long by 23.5 inches wide by 50.5 inches high Cat Playpen

"This Wish List includes a ship-to address, so you can pick out 
an item and have it sent to the owner at checkout."


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