4/28/12 "id# 0952 Heartbroken Golden mix -- male -- his owners dumped him and he's SO DEPRESSED !!' FLOYD COUNTY SHELTER IN ROME, GEORGIA DEADLINE IS EVERY TUESDAY AT 4PM" Great Pyrenees and Others Euth Tuesday

"FLOYD COUNTY SHELTER IN ROME, GEORGIA DEADLINE IS EVERY TUESDAY AT 4PM***I AM NOT THE CONTACT FOR FURTHER INFO ON THESE DOGS, ALTHOUGH I AM HAPPY TO HELP IN ANY WAY I CAN, PLEASE USE THE CONTACTS BELOW (RONDA & HOPE) FOR MORE INFO OR TO TAG A DOG FOR RESCUE/ADOPTION.***ALL OFFERS OF SPONSORSHIP $$$$ ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! PLEASE, HOWEVER, DO NOT JUST POST THEM ON THE THREAD ~~~ ALL SPONSORSHIP OFFERS MUST BE SENT DIRECTLY TO: HOPE at hope@hope4dogs.net and RONDA at rescue4floyd@yahoo.comTIME IS ALWAYS OF THE ESSENCE WHEN RESCUING, SO PLEASE ACT NOW IF YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE - THANK YOUThere ARE places to board, there ARE volunteers who will run them out the door to safety for you, there ARE transporters that leave GA every week to save lives - so please don't let distance stop you from saving a precious life!! Please, if you wish to save an animal on this post, please make your offer as quickly as possible. Should your offer be delayed, you may miss the deadline which is the cutoff between life and death for these dogs and puppies! THE DEADLINE IS 4pm on Tuesday - but PLEASE DO NOT WAIT to make an offer of rescue!! Shelter can kill for space at any time.~~~ THESE DOGS ARE LIVING THEIR FINAL HOURS - THEY WILL BE KILLED FOR SPACE....PLEASE SHARE, FOSTER, ADOPT!!! COME ON, DON'T YOU HAVE ROOM FOR ONE MORE? Please help save these really precious lives. They do not deserve to die, because they have been abandoned by irresponsible and ignorant owners, because they are black, because there is no space, or because they are a misunderstood and maligned breed. Please help these amazing dogs. Look at the concern, the sadness and fear and the love in their faces, and know that you are being asked to help..Please crosspost to all. These are faces of love and trust. Many have sponsorship money... Please let's not let them down. They have been waiting so patiently and so long for someone to notice them.... Please crosspost. They will not make it through this week. Shelter is PACKED -- doubling up on cages...PLEASE use your power of Facebook, Yahoo Groups -- whatever it takes -- spread the word!In dark concrete cells -- with no hope - unless YOU can spare them the Horror that Awaits !! Please help them get out of the shelter ALIVE and NOT in garbage bags!! Contact us now please. This is a high kill shelter but the volunteers do everything they can to help -- they are VERY rescue friendly -- PLEASE help them save these innocent lives!! Please -- if you can help -- ACT NOW!!****IF YOU WANT TO RESCUE OR ADOPT ONE OF THESE ANGELS, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY:YOU MUST WRITE__ " RESCUE OFFER " in the subject line of the email or WE WILL MISS THE OFFER OF RESCUE /ADOPTION AND THEY WILL BE KILLED! PLEASE DO THIS CORRECTLY, AS THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!! PLEASE CONTACT ALL 3 PARTIES BELOW ~ SO NO ONE MISSES AN OFFER!1. HOPE at hope@hope4dogs.net 2. rescue4floyd@yahoo.com 3. RONDA at Rondawoman22@aol.comPoor babies are located here :Floyd County animal shelter, Rome GATelephone number: 706-236-4545"


 Links to all dogs in danger. So many failed by people. Please give them a new life with safety and love.




     These are only a few of the dogs and cats in danger.


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