4/23/12 NO OFFERS For This Sweet Dog Who Wants to Please.Come on Give Her a Chance. Such a Young Dog Needs Out of the KENNEL.. Wants to Please YOU. CT


   She Needs a Home or Rescue- Please Give this Great Dog a Chance. PLEASE!
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I haven't gotten any inquiries or offers to take Rhianna.  Sending out again in hopes that someone can help her .  She is an intelligent,  charming, lovable girl who desperately needs to get out of the New Haven Animal Shelter.  Below is a comment from Lil Clark a CPDT trainer that has worked with Rhianna at the shelter.

I worked with Rhianna a couple of weeks ago. She is having a really hard time in the kennel. She is spinning and is just frantic to get out. She does not present herself well in the kennel, but once she is out and interacting with someone she is a different dog. She is able to focus and learn and likes to interact with people. She will be an eager and easy learner with some positive reinforcement training. It is so sad to see such a vibrant young pup going stir crazy in a kennel. She would certainly blossom into a lovely, fun dog if she could find a rescue to foster her or a permanent home.

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Lil Clark, CPDT-KA 
Contact Delette Corwel at poomeister@hotmail.com or 203-464-2457.  Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter

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