4/13/12":Carrollton, OH PLEASE READ THIS RIGHT NOW!!!! WE NEED HELP THIS SECOND!!!!! OHIO PLEASE PLEASE!!! Need help with this one @ Carroll County ... today is gassing day! Labrador and Other Dogs Need Your Help!

Carroll County Dog Pound, Carrollton, OH
o    330-627-4244
o    Email Carroll County Dog Pound
o    See more pets from Carroll County Dog Pound
storm6916@yahoo.comor Toni Toniangel77@yahoo.com (< @ YAHOO.COM >)
They are usually at the pound Friday mornings to help rescues and adopters.
URGENT Black Lab will be gassed Fri April 13 @ Carroll County OH
Per e-mail, shelter is full and Friday April 13 is gassing day. Hurry to save!!!!

Description: http://photos.petfinder.com/photos/US/OH/OH302/22691824/OH302.22691824-1-pn.jpgDescription: http://www.petfinder.com/images/pet-notes-new/large-plus.gif

Description: http://photos.petfinder.com/photos/US/OH/OH302/22691824/OH302.22691824-1-pnt.jpgDescription: http://photos.petfinder.com/photos/US/OH/OH302/22691824/OH302.22691824-2-pnt.jpg


Labrador Retriever: An adoptable dog in Carrollton, OH

Medium • Adult • Male

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