3/5/12 Rutherford Co, NC: "Out of shelter" dogs still need help ~ "

Rutherford Co, NC: "Out of shelter" dogs still need help ~ placed se
Posted by: "Erin Silks" erinsilks@yahoo.com erinsilks
Sun Mar 4, 2012 9:41 am (PST)

I know, I know, we have lots of Pit mixes and Hounds and stuff. But these dogs are sitting in boarding and so badly need to go to rescue to find a home... and they are healthy and fully quarantined and ready to roll. They will all be fully vetted if not already!

We also have three special cases - one dog that's undergoing HW treatment (we're paying for it!) who will need a rescue when he's well, and two dogs that are being treated for parvo (we're paying for that too!) who need rescues to take them after quarantine. Please consider those dogs - they are all very nice.

Please share and let's find rescues for the rest of our "out of shelter challenge" dogs. THANK YOU!

If this post doesn't come through you can see everyone HERE: http://ruralshelterhelp.blogspot.com/2012/02/out-of-shelter-still-needs-rescue.html

Sunday afternoon update 3/4 ~ you guys ROCK! So many of these dogs are now either pending rescue or have already left. Let's keep this going!

Thanks to donors, drivers, volunteers, fosters, kennels, you name it we have been able to help so many beautiful animals that were out of time at the Rutherford Co, NC shelter. But our success has a consequence: so many have been pulled to safety that we filled up our boarding options!

So here's the challenge - let's see if we can place all of these beautiful dogs into rescue. We have transport pretty much every week... let's get them on the road.

If you would like to sponsor any of these dogs, many have boarding bills that we could use help with!

Please help us network these dogs. Maybe pick one and really work on that particular dog... They are all wonderful and all deserve a chance at rescue so they can find homes. And the future "death row" dogs in the shelter will be able to be saved if we can get these moving.

Please note that all receiving rescues will be screened and that I do not transport to individual adopters unless they work through a rescue. We can help try to find one, though, so if someone truly does want to adopt... let me know.

Please email me at erinsilks@yahoo.com if you can help - and thank you so much for sharing!

#1 ~ TEJ ~ M Shar Pei or something mix, adult, medium-sized
Poor Tej has been at the kennel since 12/27 with no rescue interest. He watches the dogs come, he watches the dogs go, and still he waits. He is good with dogs his size, seems fine with cats, and loves to go for car rides. He is a bit of a fence-climbing monkey so needs a home with secure fencing or leash walking. He's not super fond of being picked up, but otherwise is friendly and just a nice guy who deserves a chance. HW test results pending, UTD on vaccines, neutered.

#2 ~ SOPHIE ~ mixed breed, not sure what she is. Pit mix maybe? Is weaning a litter of puppies and then is ready for a rescue of her own! Almost housebroken, good with dogs/cats. UTD on vaccines, HW negative.

#3 ~ MOLLIE ~ spayed F Pit mix adult.
Look at those eyes! In a foster but needs a rescue to give her a chance at a forever home. Good with other dogs and with kids. Crate trained. Spayed, UTD on vaccines, HW negative.

#4 ~ ROSE ~ F Pit mix adult.
Sweet, pretty girl, good with other dogs and crate trained/housebroke. Knows sit, down and shake. Might be too much for very young kids since she's young and a good-sized dog, but she's a great girl! UTD on vaccines, HW negative.

#5 ~ DEMPSEY ~ M Boxer/Australian Shepherd (?) mix adult.
Dempsey is HW+ ~ will be treated but we need to raise funds and he needs a rescue committed to take him after he's treated! You can donate towards his HW treatment here: http://ruralsheltertransboxer.chipin.com/heartworm-treatment-and-boarding-for-dempsey
Big, handsome boy. Not good with cats but seems fine with other dogs, especially females. UTD on vaccines, neutered, HW positive and will be treated soon!

Rescue pending ~ thanks Mike and Pet Connect! #6 ~ BRIDGETTE ~ F Hound mix adult.
NO idea what her breed is but she sure is cute! Sweet girl, good with other dogs. Love that pink speckly nose! UTD on vaccines, spayed, HW negative.

Rescued ~ thanks HART! #7 ~ DONOVAN ~ M Lab mix adult.
This boy came in with his brother? buddy? Charlie but they don't need to go together. They just need a chance at rescue at last! Nice boys, good with other dogs, may not be cat friendly. UTD on vaccines, neutered, HW negative.

Rescued ~ thanks Reach Out Rescue! #8 ~ CHARLIE ~ M Lab mix adult.
Here's the other half of the Donovan/Charlie duo. They do not need to go together, though probably wouldn't mind :) Nice boys, good with other dogs, maybe not so much with cats though mixed reports! UTD on vaccines, neutered, HW negative.

Here are Charlie and Donovan chilling at the kennel :)

Adopted! #9 ~ BO ~ M Lab/something mix adult.

#10 ~ PIPER ~ F Pit Bull Terrier mix adult.
This was one of those "just can't leave her behind to die" dogs - shy but sweet, good with other dogs. Her buddy Miranda has rescue but Piper is still looking. Can you offer a Pittie a chance to find a home? UTD on vaccines, HW negative, spayed.

#11 ~ PENNY ~ F Boxer or Pit or something mix adult.
File this under the same file as Piper ~ "just can't leave her behind to die." One of the volunteers found this girl a temp foster, now we need to find her a rescue. Good with other dogs, and super sweet. Plus, she has awesome ears. What more could you want? :) HW test and spay will be done ASAP!

#12 ~ NAOMI ~ F Husky mix young adult.
Naomi is currently being treated for parvo and will need a rescue when she's all better and quarantined! She also could use some donations to help with her medical care ~ please donate if you can here: http://wintermoonrescue.chipin.com/parvo-treatment-for-naomi
Yes, we have a lot of dogs in the "just can't leave her behind to die" file right now :) But isn't that why we do this, because our hearts are big? Or because we're nuts. That's debatable sometimes, right? This is a SWEET girl who will need a rescue to help her out once she finishes parvo quarantine.

#13 ~ well, guess what? I'm skipping #13. Nobody deserves to be unlucky #13!!

#14 ~ ELSIE ~ F Hound senior
Biopsy on her tumor on her leg was clear! Yay!. This poor girl deserved better than to die in a shelter... and the shelter volunteers agreed. She's in foster with her buddy and waiting for biopsy results and then will be vetted if she's ok. Can anyone open up their hearts to two older Hounds who deserve to spend the rest of their lives in a forever home? HW test and spay will be done ASAP!

#15 ~ BESSIE ~ F Hound senior
Sweet girl, very bonded with Elsie. Deserves a chance at a real home! HW test and spay will be done ASAP!

Rescue pending! #16 ~ VIOLET ~ F Hound mix adult
Sweet Violet tugged at my heartstrings and I had to get her out :) She is good with other dogs and is a beautiful dog who is currently rooming with her good friend Buddy. HW test and spay will be done ASAP!

Rescue pending! #17 ~ BUDDY ~ M Hound mix adult
How cute is this guy? He's another one that did some tugging at my heartstrings so I had to pull him... He's rooming with his buddy Violet and is a sweet boy who is good with other dogs. HW test and spay will be done ASAP!

How cute are Buddy and Violet together? You don't have to pull them together but I had to share anyway :)

#18 ~ CARRIE ~ F Shepherd mix adult.
Beautiful, doe-eyed girl. Good with other dogs, currently rooming with a male Pit. HW test and spay will be done ASAP!

#19 ~ MYA ~ F Pit mix adult
Isn't she beautiful? Couldn't let her die so we pulled her, too. Now we need to find this sweet girl a rescue. She is good with other dogs. HW test and spay will be done ASAP!

#20 ~ TONY ~ M Lab mix adult
This stunning boy is currently fostered with Ziva - but they are losing their foster and need rescue ASAP! Nice, beautiful dogs. Neutered, will get rabies/HW test ASAP.

#21 ~ ZIVA ~ F Lab mix adult
Isn't she gorgeous?! Currently fostered with Tony but they are losing their foster. Please consider this pretty girl for rescue! Spayed, will get rabies/HW test ASAP.

#22 ~ NALA ~ F Lab mix young adult
Currently recovering from parvo but needs a rescue when she finishes her 30-day quarantine! Poor Nala has been through a lot - a stray dog, out of time at the shelter, and then she breaks with parvo. She is now recovering from both parvo and kennel cough, but when her 30-day quarantine is up she needs a rescue! Sweetheart of a girl, good with other dogs.

Erin Silks/Transport Coordinator, Rural Shelter Transports
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