3/30/12 Let's Get This Wonderful Dog "Wrigley is one giant hunk of love"Out of the New Haven Animal Shelter "It is sad that Wrigs is so stressed out at the shelter - he has definitely become a personal favorite. So affectionate, gentle, sweet, and great on the leash. "

Wrigley is around 4 years old.  He is very stressed out at the shelter and needs to be rescued or adopted now before it is too late, or as the ACO says "ruined".  Wrigley is a lovebug !  He's enjoys the company of both dogs and people.  Not sure about cats, but I will test him if requested.  Wrigley walks well on leash and knows his sit cue.    Here are some comments from volunteers who have worked with him :

"Wrigley is one giant hunk of love. Laura and I were with him for a while in a run and he just struck me as an extremely calm and loving guy- very affectionate, sweet and eager to please. Loves attention!
I did not see any of the "pawing to get you to pet him" or whatever it says on his petfinder description. He was also very very gentle. He kind of reminds me of Waldo b/c he is just so calm and chill!
A couple of dogs walked by while we were in the run and he calmly ran over to the fence with his tail wagging so he seems dog friendly. Overall, he seems like a super sweet guy. I did not notice any negative behavior. And as an added bonus, he is ridiculously handsome!"
"I took Wrigley out on Friday to take his video. He seems very friendly. He likes to get petted, he came up next to me until I stroked his back. He was very content exploring the dog run, he wasn't that hyper. "
"Wrigley is so gentle! He knows sit and walks well on the leash. Summer was in the other dog run on Saturday and the two of them were face-to-face at the fence. Summer was barking in his face and Wrigley just stood there like a good dog, wagging his tail.

Contact Delette at 203-464-2457 or poomeister@hotmail.com for more information or questions regarding Wrigley.  His time is short.  He could be euthanized this Tuesday, April 3rd, if he continues to stress out.  Transportation can be provided for rescues in Connecticut.  Please crosspost so we can save Wrigley !  Watch his video at www.youtube.com/user/fotnhas/videos.  Wrigley has all vaccinations and can be neutered for a rescue before taking him if need be.  All New Haven dogs are vaccinated and spay/neutered before adoption.  We house 64 dogs and cats.  Our shelter is very stressful for some dogs, such as Wrigley.  Just because he is stressed out with us, does not mean he will be stressed out in a smaller quieter kennel.  Please help Wrigley.
Thank you,
Delette Corwel
Rescue Coordinator
Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter

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