3/7/12 Mario the Buff Tabby Cat Needs a Home. He is in Georgia."He is so wonderful and deserves humans who will appreciate and care about him."

Hinesville, GA
Contact: Petra at newbeginnignsanimalrescue@gmail.com or at 912-492-0506 (please text if before 5 pm)

PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE STORY... (pictures of Mario below)

Mario was saved from Liberty County Animal Control's death-row. He is one of those extreme lovers, as you can see by looking at every one of his pictures. His main focus seems to be on making sure his head or some part of his body is rubbing up against you. He is not an Orange Tabby, rather a Buff Tabby with lot's of creamy white, too. He has an adorable big, round... head with fat cheeks a smile that will melt any cat lover's heart. He truly deserves a wonderful home and will pay his people back in kisses and hugs a plenty. I assume that he is around 3 to 4 years old. Mario was supposed to go into a foster home in Pooler. I sent him to the clinic we use to get all of his vetting done. He came back neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and negative for feline leukemia but positive for FIV... (please read about FIV below) Once we found out his FIV positive status, he could no longer go into the foster home because there are several other cats in the foster home and we did not want to take the risk of another cat biting him and getting infected - read the link below for more information!!!

So now, Mario is living with me. I am not at all set up for long-term fostering because I have a full-time job . This would not be so terrible, if Mario could have free roam of the house but I have 5 dogs and Mario is frightened by them; therefore, he is basically condemned to live alone in a small back room of our house... No, it's not the life any cat should have but it's the best we have to offer to poor Mario right now. Of course I give him as much attention as I can, but during the week while we work, it is very little and Mario is not a solitary cat. He CRAVES human companionship so very much that it's breaking my heart to know how alone he must feel. I pray for a home for him that will love him and make him feel wanted again. He is so undemanding, just likes to find him a little spot to lay in the sun and snooze. When you pet him, he purrs so hard that it almost sound like a human. He loves getting into your lap and he enjoys being brushed and fussed over. He is so wonderful and deserves humans who will appreciate and care about him.

Again, Mario is neutered, tested negative for feline leukemia, but positive for FIV... and has his Rabies shot, as well as a micro chip.

There is no adoption fee for Mario, as long as the home is right!!!

Please read these FACTS on FIV to understand that it is not a terrible thing:

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