COLLIN GOT ADOPTED!!!!!2/29/12 ":FINAL PLEA TO SAVE DOGS FROM BEING KILLED!!!!! Okefenokee County Animal Shelter, Waycross, GA; a rural high-kill shelter with little to no exposure" FREE TRANSPORT along I-95 as far north as NY/NJ available!

Waycross GA: Please Hurry! *CODE RED FINAL PLEA*   $100 each for Lil

Posted by: "Jane Rafferty"   holeinthewallpups

Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:25 pm (PST)

Mark ( I will pledge $100 for Lilly's
rescue! she is adorable! please save her and others there! and Xpost
please! I love them all! anyone else to pledge for others lives? ty

anyone willing to pledge with me to get these dogs rescued? especially
Lilly, Caliber, Ali, Oke, Ox, Summer, Lucy, Collin, Bull and Cookie who are
most in need/

and Xpost

ty--mark in MA

CODE RED FINAL PLEA* Waycross GA - free transport available along east


Video links of them can be seen with pics below.

FREE TRANSPORT along I-95 as far north as NY/NJ available!

The following dogs are currently located at Okefenokee County Animal
Shelter, Waycross, GA; a rural high-kill shelter with little to no exposure
for these precious animals. The shelter is extremely crowded, they have
held off killing but have now been ordered to! Due to lack of space, these
animals WILL BE KILLED THIS WEEK if not rescued or adopted! PLEASE help
them get homes or safe placement PLEASE SHARE!

**PLEASE CONTACT Laura, volunteer rescue coordinator for Okefenokee shelter
at rescueoke@>

***These pets are also posted on the Middle Mutts Facebook page with
additional photos, descriptions & information***




CALIBER small bully mix; mutiple old scars, 38.6lb, HW POS. Needs to be an
only pet. Very good around people. Walks well on a leash. Video:

GEORGE is thought to be around 5-7 years old. He is very laid back and
mellow. George is HW+. He has done great with all dogs he has been tested
with. He is very good on a leash and with people. Video:

This sweet baby is Ali (like the boxer). He has simply one of the sweetest
personalities! He is listed as a red pit mix. Take a look at the vid & pic
for yourself. With his skinny nose, that may not be the case. Ali is 2 years
old. He was picked up by Animal Control. Poor Ali is missing an ear :( HW

This is Boss Hog. He is a young Pit mix that weighs 37 lbs. He was seized
yesterday by Animal Control because of a call they got about how he was
being kept. Upon arrival, he was found with a USB cord wrapped around his
neck like a collar and it was connected to a post by a braided sheet! This
poor baby has been seen outside in the yard, constantly being yelled at by
his owner, and not even grass to lay on. And still, he manages to be so
incredibly sweet to everyone here. He deserves a special forever home! This
boy is HW+. Check out vid of Boss Hog:
dex=12&feature=plcp> &list=UUYkzURqJK6ekpXvSLyKmyNg&index=12&feature=plcp

This sweet Bulldog mix is Clyde. He is about 6 months old and weighs 24.4
lbs. He was picked up at OTC today by Animal Control. He is very shy at
first, but friendly after he gets to know you. He appears to be healthy and
taken care of. HW NEGATIVE!!! Video:

This beautiful baby is Teddy. He is a GSP mix, about 14 months old, and
weighs 57 lbs. He has a very sweet personality. He has gotten along just
fine with all dogs tested with. Not HW tested yet.

This strong boy is named Ox. He is a large bully mix and is about 2 years
old. He is extremely friendly and loves to ride in the front of the truck!
Ox would do best in a home with no cats. Ox is HW positive :( Heartworm is a
very treatable disease; let's not let it cost him his life.

This sweet mama is Summer. She is a lab mix, probably around 5 or 6 years
old. She came in at the end of December very pregnant! She had her pups just
a few days later and has been nursing them ever since. Eight out of the
original eleven survived and she has been a trooper keeping all of them warm
and fed. She is also just as sweet as she can be! She comes to the gate to
meet everyone before they come close to her babies. She is available for
adoption now

This pretty girl is Lucy. She has beautiful coloring and a very sweet
personality! We think she is a hound mix and is about 3 years old. She
weighs approximately 45 lbs. Lucy is heart worm positive - but this is
treatable! Let's find her a loving home she deserves! Lucy is not used to a
leash and gets scared when she is put on one so will need some work with
that. Video:

Oke is an adorable 8 month old bulldog mix. He has a very loving and
trusting personality and will make a great addition to the right family. He
was found by a traveling nurse who took care of him and that was a lucky
break because we all know nurses are caring. She brought him in as she
travels too much to have a dog but knew he needed some help. At some point
he had been tied up with a rusted chain because it's colored his neck. There
are leash abrasions from the chain on his neck, too. Through it all he is
very curious and sweet.

Lilly is a sweet and curious mixed breed girl. She is approximately a year
and a half. Video:
dex=4&feature=plcp> &list=UUYkzURqJK6ekpXvSLyKmyNg&index=4&feature=plcp

Gordon is a sweet baby looking for a forever home. He is a Lab mix (about 2
years old). Vid:

Bull is a very sweet bully mix. He is approximately a year old and is
looking for his forever home!

Carly is a bulldog mix puppy, approximately 4 months old. She is very cute
and sweet!! She is very playful and pulls at your pantleg for attention. She
came in with her sister Charlotte. See video of them here:

Chipper is a Lab mix puppy (about 6 months old). He is so sweet and loving.
He came in with his sister Athena as owner surrenders. When they first
arrived they were a tad shy, but now cannot get enough attention; they just
love for people to stop by their kennel.

Collin is a very sweet bulldog mix. He is about 2 years old and has a slight
limp on his front left leg. Colin wandered up to an elderly man who was
picking up pecans. He was very underweight and only wanted attention from
someone. He is very loving and is looking for his forever home.

Cookie is a sweet girl, gets on well with people, walks well on a leash and
gets on well with most of the dogs we have tried her with. She is not fixed
that we can tell, and sits there waiting to be petted. If you ignore her,
she loves her belly rubbed! Cookie is HW Pos :( Video:

Bear is a mixed small breed dog. He is about 2 years old and has a cute
personality! He was an Owner Surrender and is available for adoption now.

**PLEASE CONTACT Laura, volunteer rescue coordinator for Okefenokee shelter


DL said...

We saved Collin; he now has a forever home with a new family and a nice big yard! He is a sweet loving boy and will be much loved and cared for.

From Collin's New Family

Elizabeth said...

DL, I am soooooooo happy for Collin and your family! He sounds like a really sweet dog. I thank you for letting me know that Collin is safe and loved. This news made my day.

CF2004 said...

Is Caliber still available? I had put a form in for him back in February at the Okefenokee, to foster him but they never called. Is he still available? I brought him in, he is the most amazing dog, I dropped a form off the same week I dropped him off and was waiting to hear from the humane society.

Elizabeth said...

Hi CF2004, I don't know. I am crossposting this. I don't have anymore information. I suggest you contact the shelter again and also
**PLEASE CONTACT Laura, volunteer rescue coordinator for Okefenokee shelter
at rescueoke@>

Good luck.

Elizabeth said...

Keep calling until you get an answer and or also e-mail them.