3/20/12 Harnett County Animal Control in Lillington, North Carolina Dogs and Puppies Will DIE 3/21 That Are URgent

 I read they are on euth list for tomorrow.

Harnett County Animal Control

>>>Harnett County AC in Lillington:<<<
THU (CLOSED SAT/SUN NOW!) to MON from 1pm to 4pm, TUE 1-7:30pm!
Additional Appointments can be made.
Our adoption fee is $25.00, and a rabies vaccination must be administered at any licensed veterinary or animal hospital within three days after adoption and receipt faxed to our office (910-814-0438) . Unlike some counties, Harnett County does not require that our adoptable animals be spayed or neutered. However, we strongly urge that the new owner consider the surgery.

1100 McKay Place
Lillington, NC 27546
For further information please contact the Shelter at:

For possible pull/foster and transportation help, please contact Wanda at wanda31308@yahoo.com (912-382-0018). She covers the entire East Coast.

Erin Silkes (erinsilks@yahoo.com ) is available for transport going north, but you will have to arrange for pull/foster help to meet the required medical.

Rumor has it that Vets for Pets in Dunn, NC offers free spay/neuter for animals adopted from Harnett. But that may be restricted to privat adopters. Not sure!
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morgan smith said...

excuse me um......i would like to post a compaint.....why aint you open on saturdays??!!! that reAlly buggss me and there are animalss in there are people that only have time on saturdays to come and i wish you could open on saturdays......people have jobs they have to do and i would please want you to start opening on saturday thanks

Elizabeth said...

Morgan, I totally agree with you. I crosspost these animals. I don't have anything to do with any of the shelters or ac. Maybe call them or contact rescues in your area that work with animal control. This is a very valid point and if the shelter was opened on Saturdays, more lives would be saved.

No Saturday adoptions seems pretty counter productive if they really want to help the animals.

Elizabeth said...

I wonder what the reason is why they are closed on Saturdays. Perhaps you could call your state rep and discuss this. It is my understanding that government funded (by taxpayers) AC needs to address the needs of the people in the community.