W.V. MASON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER "has been slammed with dogs and cats"


There are lots of cats and kittens as well as dogs. There are mastiff coonhound puppies, an akita mix, cats with claws, cats without, golden retrievers and labrador retrievers. Here are a few pictures.

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Mason County Animal Shelter
1965 Fairground Road
Point Pleasant, WV 25550
We are rescue-friendly and can transport to the northeast. Rescues, please e-mail to inquire. Local adopters, please call the shelter or stop in and visit us to get more information about our pets.

Date posted: 6/23/2008

Meet Bridget.......she loves loves loves kids. She had a ball yesterday playing with the kids at the shelter. She is about 5 months old and weights about 30 lbs. We think she is an English Pointer. Can you help Bridget find her forever home?

She arrived at the shelter on or around 6/20/08 and have received their first round of DHLPP and Bordatella and will be due for second DHLPP shots on 7/11/08. But we hope she is not here that long!

help Bridget!

Date posted: 6/23/2008

Meet Abacus....he is a sweet boy that loves attention and kids. He does well with other dogs at the shelter as well as people and kids. He is young, about a year or two at most, and weights about 35 lbs. We think he is a Bearded Collie. Can you help Abacus find a loving forever home of his own?

Abacus arrived at the shelter on or around 6/23/08 and has received his DHLPP and Bordatella vaccines. He will need to be neutered and receive a rabies vaccine and health cert before he can be transported.

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Date posted: 6/23/2008

This is Smokey, she is a striking cat with beautiful copper eyes. We believe she is an Chartreux breed cat or very high mix. She is friendly and likes to be held. She is about 3 years old and is already spayed

She arrived at the shelter on or around 6/20/08.

Please help Smokey

Date posted: 6/23/2008

These ragamuffin cuties are cute as can be! There is 2 males and 2 female and they are about 10 weeks old.
The Tan/Chocolate Kitten has been adopted.
They arrived at the shelter on or around 6/20/08.

Please help these kittens!

Larry has now had 2 rounds of shots and is ready to go. Please contact us if you can help Larry.
Date posted: 5/13/2008
Larry is a very sweet and happy puppy. He is about 7 weeks old. .
Please help Larry.

Date posted: 6/23/2008

Meet Tabitha, she is a very sweet tabby cat in search of a wonderful new home. She is spayed and declawed and has hd her rebies vaccination.

Tabitha is about 3 years old.

She arrived at the shelter on or around 6/5/08.

Please help Tabitha


Anonymous said...

i love animals and i love what you are doing !!those animals need help to survive and to see how some people are treating them it just makes you want to do everything in the world for them!


you can send me things by my e-mail like whats going on at sugers_ryan@yahoo.com

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the thumbs up, sugers, I am not sure what info you would like e-mailed. Please explain. The best thing you can do is read the blog and crosspost any urgent animals.