Dyer-Tennessee: Mother and Son Kitty Need Home Together.. Please Help

Junior- Momma's Boy
Athena - Momma

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Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:30 am (PDT)

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Please Adopt Athena and her son Junior are at
_Gibson-Obion County Humane Society-SPCA, Inc. _
(http://www.petfinde r.com/shelters/ TN436.html)
Dyer, Tennessee..
Email:gibsoncohumane@ mail.com
Athena a gorgeous longhaired dilute tortoiseshell and her son a real
handsome shorthaired tiger and white kitty need a loving home together. They
currently reside at Gibson Obion County Humane Society SPCA in Dyer Tennessee and
they want to get a nice loving home.
Athena is very lovable cat once she gets to know you. As you can see,she
has the most beautiful eyes and a very wonderful personality. Shelikes to lay
around and be petted on. She just loves to watch everything that's going on.
She will make a very nice addition to any family.
Junior her son want you to know right from the start that he is a "momma's boy" and he doesnt mind telling it. He stays with momma all the time. We
have to be adopted together because that is what was promised to our previous
owner. But we're no problem, we are both wonderful cats. I've also had that
snip snip thing done too so no little me's running around. We are a nice pair
of cats to have as an addition to any family.
To adopt us please contact
_Gibson-Obion County Humane Society-SPCA, Inc. _
(http://www.petfinde r.com/shelters/ TN436.html)
Dyer, TN
(731) 483-2026
Email:gibsoncohumane@ mail.com

Lets Get these two deserving cats a home together..
PLEASE adopt!

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