Snoopy the Sweet Beagle Mix (June 10 2008)was Euthanized

I don't want to make anyone sad or defensive. Please don't take it any other way then I feel sad when I see an animal's life cut short. For all I know in the grand scheme of things, Snoopy's death was a blessing for him. Maybe he is in a better place and his life on earth was done and he was suppose to be euthanized. I have no clue what is the purpose of a life cut short whether animal or human. Think about the young men and women who have died in Iraq.

The pounds, shelters and rescues ( for the most part care about the lives of animals in their keeping). What gets me angry are the reasons for killing adoptable sweet animals like Snoopy. Space is one of the many reason. In many shelters animal crowding can cause dog fights. In many shelters there are not enough cages. In many shelters even if they wanted to put more animals in a kennel they can't. There is literally no space. And why is there no space? Few adoptions, people using shelters as dumping grounds when they no longer want their pet, people unable to take care of their animals due to natural disasters, illness, job loss. There are many reasons. The ones that upset me are the I don't want my pet anymore. I have no time, they are too old etc etc.

When you think about it, can you imagine people at an orphanage saying,"We have to kill three kids today. There is no space?"

I can hear people saying dogs and cats are not people. So it doesn't matter. In my opinion life is life and everyone has the right to live out their life. To take a life from someone is a crime, especially someone who can't fight back and say stop hurting me. Killing dogs in shelters due to overcrowding is an acceptable practice. It isn't done maliciously. It is done because of lack of resources and because there are not enough homes for all the dogs and cats that enter these shelters. I don't know who dropped off Snoopy at the shelter. But that person is responsible for his death and so is the antiquated shelter system. based on poverty consciousness. The people who administer the lethal doses or put the animals in the gas chambers do not bare the weight of responsibilty in my opinion. Someone has to do the dirty work. People need to make a living. And all what I write is just that my opinion. Anyone can come up with a different view of all of this. All I know is Snoopy had a right to his life and it was taken away from him. Not because he was a bad dog but because there was no space. In this vast world there was no space for a small 38 pound dog.

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