UPDATE 2 ADOPTED!!!!UPDATE Benny Needs Foster/What Happened To Benny? Today is His Euth Day

Benny Got Adopted. Whew!!!!

Dog Warden Gives Benny Few Day Reprieve!!!! Fosters and Adopters where are you?

"What a great dog! Benny is about 55 lb and 4-5 years old. He knows "sit" and when you snap your finger, he "begs" by sitting on his hind legs. He has plenty of energy and would LOVE a farm or fenced-in yard. He is on the "hit list" for 6/16, but this wonderful dog has a TON of love to offer. Please save him, I'm begging!! email jandacci@roadrunner.com for more info, or call the pound and tell them you want him. Their # is 606-784-4930. He is in OSP #1. $40 will get him neutered and all his shots."

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