Sweetie Pie Cat & People Friendly Dog Ready To Go On Tuesday Transport * Watch His Video * Grayson Humane Society Ky

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Donna White

This guy seems perfect in every way. He came to us with his
collar, choke chain and a leash attached. These pictures and
video were taken when he came in on Friday. He was immediately
friendly with us. Today we tried him out with other dogs
(Silk and Rutgers) and he was fine with them although he
mostly ignored them and wanted to be with the people
in the field. He went into the cat room, looked around, touched
noses with Howard and backed out.I took him in again, and again
he looked around and backed out. There was a preschool age child
at the shelter who petted and loved on him and his only
fault was that he jumped up on the child - for attention,
not to hurt him.He has also been around school aged children.
The only thing we have foundwrong with him is that he is not
yet neutered. He is probably 1-2 years old and weighs about 40 lbs.
or so. His 5 day hold is up Tuesday. We cannot get him neutered in
time for the Tuesday transport but we could get his
rabies and health papers.

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