Sherry & Steve ADOPTED!!!!!Stayed with Deceased Owner. Steve Wants A Chance to Stay Off A Chain & Mason Vet Bill

Sherry is sad. She is not used to a shelter. She is not used to being without that one special person who looked after her and loved her. Please open your heart to Sherry. Think what it would be like for your own dog if you were no longer around. Mason is a kill shelter. Sherry has lots more years of life in her. She needs a new person to love.

"SHERRY IS URGENT - This poor girl was found in the house with her dead owner after he passed away. It is believed she was in the house with him for several days before he was found. She is depressed and needs to get out of the shelter ASAP.

At first glance I thinks she may have some St Bernard in her and maybe Golden Retriever? She is about 8 years old and about 60lbs right now, but is very very overweight. Her ideal weight is about 35 or 40 lbs."



Transport is available... please don't let distance dissuade you from saving Steve! This is Steve, a male walker coonhound he is approx. 1-1/2 years old and weighs about 45lbs. PLEASE SAVE HIM FAST BEFORE HE ENDS UP AS A HUNTING DOG!!
Email Candice to inquire: MCASRescues- owner@yahoogroup (yahoogroups. com)

Remember to donate to Mason's Vet bill. Mason has until May 23rd to save their successful rescue program that saves dogs like
Steve and Sherry. Without Mason's Rescue Program what chance would dogs like these have?

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