PLEASE PLEASE HELP BUSTER , A 6 month old love bug nearing euth date!

Here is a plea for the life of this puppy. He needs a Rescue ASAP!

"This is Buster~ He is cute, Friendly, Hyper, Smart, Playful & in a shelter thats full of other dogs cuter, smaller and with a better chance of getting out alive.
HE is only 6 months old and came into the shelter 3 weeks ago. He was very shy & submissive at first, but is now doing much better. He LOVES to sit in your lap & just be with you. He is super loyal and loves attention~ He is the kind of dog that will grow up and be perfect for kids, and a loyal dog who just wants to please!
He needs a RESCUE! NOW~~~~~~~~ The shelter is so full! We have 20 dogs coming in a day, and less than 5 adoptions per day. WE are doing our very best not to euthanize because of space...but its not looking good~ Too many dogs, too little time, and when this little guys time is up...everyones hearts will break! He is just so full of life!
PLEASE!!!!HELP SAVE HIM! He is at the Valley River Humane Society in Murphy, NC "

  • Husky
  • Male
  • baby
  • ID: 93528

IF you can save him! Contact me:
I think Buster needs a better picture. I bet someone at the shelter will provide one if you are interested.

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