Romeo and Cassanova, Two Lovers Find A Home, Happy Tails

Here is an e-mail from a Mason adopter.

"I'm sending you some pictures of the dogs I adopted from Mason County last summer."

"Cass. It is short for Cassanova. He is a sweetheart. He's a little scared at times and hovers down close to the ground at times but is getting a little better. He loves attention. His name used to be Hardy but we changed it to Cass, a lover boy's name!"

"Romeo is another lover boy's name! I picked these names because we kept calling them our lover boys so they had to have appropriate names. Romeo used to be Dumbledore. I'm thinking someone named him that from the professor on Harry Potter. He is also a sweetheart and gets people to pet him by nudging at them with his nose. Both of these guys are great dogs. They can also sit and shake hands/paws on request."

These two hit the jackpot. Glad to hear they have a wonderful home.

This is a picture of the two footed Cassanova

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova Albanase

Here is a picture of the person Romeo doing his thing.

Romeo and Juliet in the famous balcony scene by Ford Madox Brown
Romeo and Juliet in the famous balcony scene by Ford Madox Brown
Romeo and Juliet is an early tragedy by William Shakespeare about two teenage "star-cross'd lovers"


Esther Montgomery said...


I notice (on your blogger’s profile) that you are interested in poetry.

I’m wondering if you might be interested in entering my poetry competition?

I hope so!

Details are on my blog


I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Esther Montgomery
(P.S. It is for fun. I'm afraid there aren't any prizes!)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Esther, I'll take a look. Thanks for asking.