UPDATE Lexus Has Arrived at Mason and Good News For the Animals

Lexus rescued!!

is a border collie and possibly dalmatian mix. She is one year old and in heat. She is beautiful and waiting for a rescue or adopter.

for inquiries please contact

Here is more good news.

Patches rescued!!!! Coco adopted locally!!!! They were on Thursday Feb 7th post.

Remember Dozer, the dog with severe heartworm?

Here is the update on Dozer from his foster mom sent to the Mason Rescue Group.

"I am long overdue for a very Dozer update! Where to start, where to start…
The great thing is that Dozer is really eager to please, and responds well to reprimands (as when he went for my kitty) and praises. Gosh, he really is a sweet dog...he enjoys playing, walking, jogging, but also just sitting with us. He'll lie down with his head and front paws on my lap, and just appreciates the company. Sometimes I can tell he's a little sad, and I wonder what his life was like before. Such a smart, responsive dog. He's so gentle and actually behaves like he's been exposed to children before (ie, he tolerates me hanging on him, giving him love, and he curls up like a lap dog).

Have you ever had a dog turn on you? And I don't mean bite, but just express annoyance or upset if he is scolded or made to do something he doesn't want to do? (I assume so, working with so many animals) All of my past rotties did that; they made it clear when they were unhappy, though they would never really retaliate. Dozer is exceptional. He never expresses anything but an eagerness to please, and does things--like goes into his crate for bedtime--without much resistance.
Where we do have a problem is my cat. He wants to get at her. She's been hanging out upstairs, and he downstairs, which has been working fine and will work for a bit longer. But he's definitely can't be adopted into a home with cats.
As he's gotten more comfortable, Dozer has gotten more difficult for my mom to handle when I'm away during the day. I actually think (unfortunately because he'll be leaving here) that he's gotten attached to me being around…the one who can run and really play with him…and then gets a little ornery when I am not around. Ornery in that he bounds about the downstairs looking for me and voices his discontent with barks and cries. So my mom is pretty stressed out. Hopefully we can get him adopted sooner rather than later!
He looks A LOT better already. He's gained some weight (maybe 7 lbs) and we keep clean and brushed. He doesn't shed much, which is nice. He's kept having diarrhea off and on, so he's been subsisting on rice and chicken and the occasion treat. I think maybe the pills we gave him a few days ago turned his tummy back into upset mode. But he drinks a lot and doesn't seem dehydrated or uncomfortable. Just has runny poop.
He's doing great with commands, sit, come, stay. I've tried to nurse him off the gentle leader, but it might be best to stick with it! He's doing well with heeling, but will pull after squirrels. He tried to get at road kill yesterday. Yuck.
I have a friend who may be interested in adopting Dozer."

These are just a few of the animals that Mason's Rescue Program continues to help with the donations from people. Here is where the old vet bill donations stand. Thanks again to everyone who continues to support this rescue group. If people continue to be generous as their budgets allow, Mason Rescue Group will continue to help abandoned animals in West Virginia.

Starting Balance in January: $5,125
Funds Raised: $1,805
Funds Needed: $3,320
Deadline: May 23, 2008

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