ADOPTED!!!!Honest To God, Irresponsible Lazy Pet Owners Get My Dander Up

Mason is a small male wire haired JRT. He is 8 years old and was surrendered by his owners because he pees in the house when left alone and they refuse to try a crate.

I try to be polite on this blog but somedays I just can't help myself. My emotions spill over. I don't know all the specifics of the previous owner's situation and I don't really care. Giving up an 8 year old pet instead of crate training him because he pees in the house when left alone seems pretty callous. I think these owners should be on the never allowed to own a dog list. I know people who love their dogs so much that even when their dogs are old and incontinent, they do what they can to keep them. Some people might say why. I say because love is love and when things get hard, you do your best to live with them or change them and you try your hardest until you can't do anything else. I tell you these people just do not have the capacity to think creatively or do not have the emotional capacity or desire to deal with this dog's problem.. I think a dog should at least be given chances before being sent to a shelter or killed. I make this comparison. There are people who refuse to do the right thing with their kids so why would they do it with a pet? Well, Mason deserves better. He is worth all the effort.It is obvious his former owners did not have the capacity to crate train him. Maybe everyone is better off. I know there is someone who will love and cherish Mason forever. I hope they are reading this post.

To rescue or adopt Mason check out contact information at

Do you think Frazier's dad would have ever given up Eddie if Eddie peed in their apartment?


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