8/4/13 Pet Lovers Need to Know this "500 cats & dogs legally killed in Japan each day ‹ Japan Today:" Please read this. Japan's Calus Indifference to the Suffering Animals ENDURE IN THE GAS CHAMBERS.

Is there hope for the human race? Between wars and ideological differences that  never seem to be negotiated  peacefully and now learning about Japan's legalized daily gassing of animals ( in this article it says it can take 30 minutes  for some  animals to die in these gas chambers) I often wonder.  It is a sad commentary on the government of Japan's animal policies.  But there are people in Japan working to stop this. The Kumamoto City Animal Welfare Centre is one shelter that is tired of the gassing.

Of course readers of this blog can't do much about  this cruel policy unless you live in Japan but you can  work in your own communities to stop inhumane euthanasia and help create a time when there will be no more animal cruelty or euthanasia except to alleviate suffering due to illness.

Please help animals in your community who may be on deathrow.  If you can provide a good safe loving home, please consider adopting the next innocent animal in line for a needle or the gas chamber. Know in most of us is a deep abiding love of self and others that wants a world of peace and abundance for all  whether two or four legged.


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