UPDATE 8/19/13, 8/18/13 "Final update from ‪#‎FallonSlaughter‬: 316 horses sold at auction. Kill buyers probably got 200. We got 149 unbranded horses pulled from the auction. This was a nightmare day. All we can say tonight is that we're going to double down on our campaign to ‪#‎KeepWildHorsesWild‬. We hope you'll keep fighting with us."

Such a sad commentary on humanity and the way they treat each other, the planet and animals. The horses the Kill Buyers bought will  have a horrible death, many in slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada. Please support those working to save horses. And  let the  Indian Tribe know who sold horses that they shamed their heritage by being pushed around by big business and greed.  What happened to Native Americas? The government and business have destroyed their culture over the years. There must be another solution to free roaming horses besides slaughter. Sounds familiar to those who want to save feral cats.
 If you want to see how the killing is done,  there are videos on You Tube. Who would want to see this I can't imagine. I  had to stop watching it, it was  hell for these animals but if you can watch it. it may give those of you who right now could care less about saving horses a dose of the reality all animals, not just horses, go through at slaughter houses. Factory farming, assembly line slaughter are barbaric.

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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

 Update 8/19/13 from American Wild 
Horse Preservation
I wanted to send you a final update from the Fallon slaughter auction, which
 I attended on Saturday with my colleague Deniz Bolbol and many other horse advocates.
Late Friday night, we received a Temporary Restraining Order, as a result of our lawsuit 
against the federal government, to block the sale of all unbranded horses at the auction. 
All of the horses had been captured from the Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone 
Reservation and surrounding public lands. The horses were separated -- branded
 from unbranded -- on Saturday morning. After visually inspecting every pen, 
we ensured that approximately 149 unbranded horses were pulled from the sale.

The horses remain at the livestock auction, now in the care of the U.S. Forest Service,
 while we continue to fight to have them returned to the range. A federal court hearing
 on our case is scheduled for Wednesday, August 21.
A special thanks to those of you who have given to our legal fund in the past. You make
 litigation like this possible and play a critical role in helping us save these 149 horses
 and ensure that their federal legal protections are upheld.
Please consider pitching in to our legal fund today to ensure that we have the resources necessary to keep fighting for these horses.
Sadly, until the SAFE Act is passed to ban horse slaughter, there is no legal way to 
protect privately owned horses sold for slaughter. In the end, approximately 316 horses
 were sold at Saturday's auction. The kill buyers got about 200, while about 100 or so
 branded horses were rescued.

Beautiful Horses sold for slaughter to kill buyer.

Kill Buyer Ole Olsen drives off with branded
 stallions purchased from the 
Fallon Livestock Auction on 8/17/13.
 Our lawsuit saved 149 unbranded horses 
from this same fate - at least for the moment.
It was devastating to see horses -- including mature stallions and mares who had just had their
 young foals pulled from them -- sold in lots to the kill buyers. We saw very lame horses, horses
 with what appeared to be spinal injuries barely able to stand, horses with gaping wounds
on their chests, bloody faces, orphaned foals.

There is no mistaking what a tragedy this was. But we also have to think about what has 
been achieved so far.

Before we got involved, the Forest Service was going to round up 700-1000 horses and send
 them to the slaughter auction. This was a backroom deal to launder federally protected wild
 horses through a tribe and use federal dollars to send them to a slaughter auction, allowing
 the tribe to reap the profits. We stopped this action, and took a stand against these kinds of 
sordid backroom deals.
Thanks to our legal and public relations efforts, the Feds pulled out of the roundup, and far
 fewer horses -- approximately 467 -- were actually captured. Of those, 149 unbranded horses
 were pulled from the auction, and another 100+ horses were saved by hard working rescue groups.

We'll continue to fight for the unbranded horses whose fate will be decided at Wednesday's
 Will you continue to fight with us?

We need your help to ensure that we have the resources to take on the Feds in the courtroom this Wednesday. Will you please donate to our legal fund today?

We are proud to be joined in this litigation by our founding organization Return To Freedom, 
The Cloud Foundation, Western Watersheds Project and Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education. 
But AWHPC alone bears the financial burden for the substantial legal bills we are accumulating 
 to help these horses.

This weekend was a strong reminder not only of the unfinished business we have before us, but
 also of what we can accomplish when we all work together. We hope that you will continue to 
stand with us, and we thank you very much for your compassion, caring and support.

- Suzanne

American Wild Horse Preservation

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