8/9/12 Cats, Kittens, ADOPT RESCUE FREE TRANSPORT from Hinesville, GA to Hammonton, NJ is available the weekend of August 18th!!! CONTACT: PETRA AT newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com

FREE TRANSPORT from Hinesville, GA to Hammonton, NJ is available the weekend of August 18th!!!

Woud ANYONE be interested in any of our sweet babies?  I know… the cat overpopulation is terrible everywhere and adoptions are way down at the moment (after an all too busy kitten season); however, I was hoping that maybe someone out there will look into the face of one of our babies and say “Oh my… this is the one I have been searching for.”

Hansi is another cat that was simply abandoned. He is approximately 6 months old and we believe he is an Oriental Short Hair/Orange Tabby mix with a white colored bib, white mittens and white stockings. He is flea free, was dewormed, and was neutered, vaccinated, and tested on June 15th. Hansi is super social. Whenever the dogs are resting, Hansi wants to be right in the middle of them. He loves being petted and needs to sleep with his humans at night. He is also very playful with other cats but would prefer to be with dogs. He has a bad habit, which I'm trying to work on at the moment, he likes to jump up on counters and shelves, always wanting to be as high as possible – I was told this is a trait of an Oriental Short Hair. LOL He is very healthy and eats like a horse. He loves his canned food but eats dry food as well and treats are always welcomed. :-) All that's left to make Hansi completely happy is a forever home.


Sydney is very special to all of us at Carpathia Paws, which is why we want to be sure that her new family is very loving and will keep her forever. When we first met Sydney, she was lying in a cage at Liberty County Animal Control. She was skin and bones, crawling with fleas, and suffering from an extreme upper respiratory infection that almost ended up killing her. We took her to Cedar Animal Hospital where she remained for several days. She was severely dehydrated and needed IV fluids. Sydney is a very fragile and sensitive soul and had a rough time recovering. Thankfully, her foster mom has taken excellent care of her and Sydney made fast friends with her foster mom's kittens that she had adopted from us prior to fostering for us. Sydney mothered the babies and has never been any trouble, as per her foster mom. She loves to sleep in bed with her foster parents and though she is a little weary of strangers at first, she comes around quickly. It is clear to us that Sydney's life was hard... She deserves only the best and that's the kind of family we are searching for. When you looked at Sydney's pictures, did your heart jump? Did her eyes speak to you? Did you feel how special she is just by reading her story and seeing her photos? If you do, please contact us.

Mindy is a very beautiful Torbie, a mix between a Tortoiseshell and a Tabby cat. We do not see those markings very often. She is about 16 weeks old, was dewormed and flea treated and has received her FVRCP vaccine. She is scheduled to be spayed and will receive her Rabies shot on August 16th. Mindy is social and outgoing and also likes the company of other cats.


Two, almost identical, tiny Tortoiseshell females, 8 weeks old, dewormed, treated for fleas, and vaccinated.


Two tiny blue eyed Siamese females, 8 weeks old, dewormed, treated for fleas, and vaccinated.


These 2 little sisters, Love Bug (Tortoiseshell) and Spooky (Dilute Tortoiseshell), found themselves in a very dangerous situation to say the least... They were living under the house of a mean man who threatened to kill them if they were not removed. Thankfully, a former adopter of mine was made aware of the situation and called me for help. I just had a foster spot open up that day and thankfully, we were able to take these 2 little ones in before it was too late for them. At first, the foster mom was a little overwhelmed with them, as they were extremely shy and covered in fleas. This was several weeks ago and these little ones have come a long way since then! They are now flea free, will be completely vetted on August 16th (including spay surgery), their coats looking beautiful, and they have come to realize how nice human companionship can be. Spooky still has some shy moments when meeting new people, which is why we are looking for a home with no small children or young dogs. Other cats however are perfectly fine, as they like to play with other felines. They are extremely pretty Tortoiseshell Cats, one of them Diluted. They are approximately 16 weeks old and are a BONDED PAIR, meaning they must be adopted together!!! Whenever you remove one from the other, they start crying an panicking. They need each other for comfort and reassurance. This will most likely change some as they get older, but for now, they depend on each other.


Cry Baby, a domestic medium hair with beautiful markings, is another kitty that was abandoned in my neighborhood. We named him Cry Baby because he certainly is a talker. When he first showed up in our drive way, Cry Baby would stay under one of the cars and cry bitterly. None of the ferals, are talkers, so we knew this was a new one. The cries were truly pitiful; there just is no other way to put it. I tried to lure him out from underneath the car and it was easy to see that he wanted to but just was not sure. After a couple of nights of him coming by and sitting under cars crying, we decided to just get comfortable in our drive way and wait. He finally came out from under the car and must have decided that very moment that we must be good people because ALL of his initial hesitation was gone. He was super lovable and even climbed into our laps but crying the whole time as if to tell us his sad story of having been abandoned. Cry Baby is now in foster care, has been treated for fleas and has been neutered, tested negative for fel leuk/FIV and was vaccinated. Cry Baby is afraid of dogs and though he would much rather be an only kitty, he does not fight other cats, he simply does not seek out their companionship. He is a lover of humans and nothing would make him happier than a forever home with humans who will make him the center of their universe. :-)


Smokey is an absolutely adorable grey and white Domestic Medium Hair male of about 16 weeks. Smokey is completely vetted, meaning he is already neutered, tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and is vaccinated as well as dewormed and flea treated. He is more of a laid-back kitty and loves to cuddle. He also does not mind at all hanging out with the other kitties at his foster mom's house.


Before she came to us, Fluffy was mommy to a litter of babies. They have all been placed into wonderful homes and it is time for Fluffy to find her very own family to love. She is used to being around dogs and other cats, as well as children and does not display a dislike for anyone. She is cuddly and most of all, very pretty. Just look at that silvery grey, fluffy coat - hence the name Fluffy! :-) She is approx. 2 years old and was spayed and vaccinated January 19th. If you would like for Fluffy to become a part of your family, please hurry. She is waiting for you.


Lilo was born with a hairlip and does not have the front teeth between her canine teeth. Her tongue sticks out sometimes due to this. She can eat dry food, loves wet food and the vet said she is lucky to have been able to nurse as a kitten. Calling her "special needs" may be overreacting a bit but there is no doubt that she is special. Lilo does not like the company of other cats but loves and craves the company of humans, and does very well around kind children, as you can see on one of her pics - please look at all of her pics. Since she does not like or is afraid of other cats, she is confined to one room at the moment - there are other cats in the home - and she is sad about that, as are we. She is ready for her forever home where she can lounge on the couch with you and be your best bud. Lilo is very sweet and her facial expressions and large eyes give her a unique look. She is a Silver Tabby and is probably about 4 years old. She was already spayed and tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV.


Ninja is a special needs boy... He is not completely blind but he may as well be. :-( Once he gets comfortable in your home, he finds his way around very well. He is a large cat and his coloring is a shade between buff and orange Tabby. The best trait about Ninja however, is his wonderful personality. He is nothing but a big love bug and seems to be quite sensitive. When something stresses the poor big boy out, he walks in circles. It's really pitiful to see but that's when you need to hold him and comfort him to let him know everything is ok. Ninja is already neutered.


Penelope is a very pretty, and apparently very young Calico with lots of snowy white. Please see the next picture to see her Calico spots on her back. She is most likely only around 8 months old, is playful, curious, and loves her tummy rubs. She will bite playfully; therefore, she is probably not the best fit in a home with very small children.  Penelope has been spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for feline leukemia/FIV.  Penelope LOVES dogs and will play with even the most hyper of dogs.  She is also great with other cats.  She will cuddle next to you on the couch and become very still when she is ready to relax.


Valentino never even made it to Animal Control. The officer who picked him up contacted Carpathia Paws, saying that he is so sweet that he just can't stand the thought of him dying at Animal Control... So, even though we are so full, we took him and we don't regret it. Valentino is making his name proud - he truly is a lover. He came into foster care, accepting everyone and everything. He loves other cats and tolerates children like a pro. He is a young cat, probably around 9 months to a year old. He was neutered and vaccinated on August 1st.


Sloane found himself in a dangerous situation. His former owners had him front and back declawed... With no defenses left, he was thrown out and ended up at Animal Control in Liberty County BUT not before someone tried to shave his coat! We are baffled how he ended up in this situation because Sloane is a wonderful cat. At approximately 3 years old, Sloane has a disposition that is a cat lover's dream. He is calm and laid back, gets along fine with other cats and does not mind FRIENDLY children that don't bother him too much. He is neutered, tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and is up-to-date on his vaccines. He is an extremely handsome light orange tabby with creme markings and though his coat is short, it is rather fluffy and super soft.



Franky is an almost solid black cat - safe for his tiny little white spot on his chest - on death-row at Liberty County Animal Control in Hinesville, GA. Though this AC does not accept owner surrenders, we believe that Franky was brought in by his owner who said he found him near Walmart... He had Franky in a perfectly nice cat carrier but said he has no cats... He also asked what would happen to him and when the kennel tech told him that black cats rarely make it out alive, he seemed uncomfortable but he left Franky behind anyway. Besides that fact, the kennel tech was not able to handle Franky at first, but the man who brought him in handled him with no problem. HE was the one who ended up sticking Franky into the small steel cage and all the while - so I was told - Franky's eyes were as large as saucers. :-(

When I arrived to AC and first met Franky, I was told by the kennel tech that he could not be handled and the word "CAUTION" was written on his disposition form. When she saw me read that word, she said that this was just her experience with him but that maybe I'd be able to coax him and find out his real personality. I always think about what my kitty Tiny would have been like had he ever ended up at AC... Well, I can tell you that he would have had the word "CAUTION" written on his form in huge letters and that's the reason why I never pay those descriptions any mind! Just like with others in the past, Franky is a perfectly sweet kitty who was just very frightened - understandably; he did not understand what was going on and why his life had suddenly turned upside down. He wanted very much to trust and belong but he was confused. He actually let me coax him out easily and I held him just as easily but he did not let me hold him long because every little noise in that scary place frightened him. Now that Frankie has been in foster care for a while, he is a changed cat!  He is very attached and follows his foster mom everywhere.  When she sits down, he is immediately in her lap and wants loving.  He is also playful with the other cats.  Franky is a young cat, I'd say around 1 year old, and seems very healthy. His coat is shiny and his eyes are bright. He was neutered, vaccinated and tested negative for Feline Leukemia/FIV.

Please share Franky and his story and maybe he will not become a statistic but have a chance of a new life and this time in a forever home. Thank you...


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