UPDATE 8/19 SUPER URGENT PUPPIES EUTH IMMINENT Deathrow DOGS NEED RESCUE OR ADOPTION Luke, Brownson and Rosa are super super urgent. The ACO (ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER)was on vacation this week , he will be back on Monday, August 19th , these dogs WILL be euthanized."New Britan Conneticut Dog Pound

I went to the pound on 8/18 and although the police officers would not take the dogs out for me to spend time with them and get pictures, I did all I could through their kennel doors and took some pictures of them in their kennels so you could get a good idea of what their bodies look like and how sweet they are.
Each dog has $50.00 sponsorship to the rescue that can take him, him and/or her.
Please crosspost , time is running out , and they can be euthanized at any time now.
Delette Corwel
Ruff and Scratchy, Inc.

Rosa knows sit, down and shake (paw).  She weighs around 35 - 40 lbs.  She is a very sweet lovebug.  She kept rolling over wanting a belly rub and wanting to have her neck and head rubbed.  One year old or possibly younger, never been bred.  Rosa was really longing for some love, attention and touching.  Very much a snugglebug.  She took gently from my hand.  Whippet mix.

Luke knows sit.  Luke was longing for a belly rubbed and wanted his neck and head rubbed.  He is a big guy and very gentle and sweet.  I would guess a mastiff mix between 1 - 2 years old.  He took cookies very gently from my hand .   I would put him at 60 - 65 lbs.  Very handsome, very lovable and a nice dog....he would definitely be a big lap dog.

Brownson is young, maybe 8 - 9 months old.  He takes treats gently from my hand.  He knows sit.  He is playful and has puppy energy.  He is around 40 lbs and underweight , I can see his hip bones.  He gives lots of kisses and is very friendly.  (It was hard to get a picture of him, he kept moving around, wanting to get out and play.lol)



Fay is being adopted tomorrow, Saturday, August 17th.

Luke, Brownson and Rosa are super super urgent. 

The ACO was on vacation this week , he will be back on Monday, August 19th , these dogs WILL be euthanized. 

Please call me or text me at 203-464-2457 if you want me to find out anything specific as I am planning on going to the pound tomorrow morning between 10 - 12 am to see what I can learn about these 3 beautiful animals and get more and better pictures.  I had planned to go to the pound this past Wednesday for the public open adoption hours, but they decided to not be open.  This was very upsetting seeing as these dog will be euthanized and the pound was not open on their scheduled open day so they could be adopted.  Feel free to call the pound and/or the mayor to let them know this is not acceptable.

Please help if you can.  Time is running out for Luke, Brownson and Rosa.
Delette Corwel
Ruff and Scratchy, Inc.

 8/13/12 "Crossposting again.   All dogs are extremely urgent and still at the pound.  Haven't heard from any rescues." Delette

A Crosspost
Policy of the New Britain Pound is :  AFTER 14 DAYS A DOG CAN BE EUTHANIZED AT ANY TIME

The following four dogs have been at the pound for over 14 days.  They are in critical danger of being euthanized. 

I am planning on going to the New Britain Pound on Wednesday, August 15, during afternoon visiting / adoption hours from 3 - 6 pm.  If you would like me to find out any information on any of these dogs, let me know.  As long as they are still there I will.  Please let me know as soon as possible so I can tell the ACO not to euthanize.   Of course, if you can take a dog sooner than Wednesday you would be saving a precious life.  I can arrange transportation to any rescue.  Contact Delette at 203-464-2457 (call or text) or poomeister@hotmail.com.  

Please Please Crosspost.  Thank you.

Thank you,

Delette Corwel

Ruff and Scratchy, Inc.

 You can save the lives of these dogs
 Help shelters be places of hope.

BROWNSON :  Male .  Found on July 24.  Cute little guy.  Takes treats gently.

LUKE : Male.  Found on 7/25.

ROSA :  Female.  Found on 7/20.  

FAY : Female.  Found on 7/24.  I am embarressed to send you these pictures (for the record I didn't take them).  She is adorable and very very sweet.  Takes treats gently.

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