8/29/12 Pound Closed Wednesday to Euthanize Dogs and Cats. Wednesday IS KILL ANIMALS DAY. DOES THIS DISTURB YOU? Please ADOPT, RESCUE AND FOSTER- Athens - Clarke County Animal Control Georgia. MANY DOGS OUT OF TIME TODAY. OWNERS SURRENDERS FIRST TO GO.

This information is  from crosspost


** <http://athenspets.net/adoptables.html>

*(also shows who was adopted, rescued, or euthanized )

*Clarke Co. Animal Control web-site with actual* number of dogs in the 30
run shelter:*

Visit cats.athenspets.
net to see all available cats on one page!!

Visit cats.athenspets.
net to see all available cats on one page!!

* ***CONTACT: 706- 613-3540** ****

*FAX:706 613 3545*

*Adoption/Rescue forms HERE: http://www.athenspets.net/?page_id=9*

*Rescue friendly!*

***Open Sunday-Tuesday; Thursday-Saturday 10AM - 4PM*
* Closed Wednesdays for euthanasia
but can euthanize whenever pound is full*

*Athens - Clarke County Animal Control*

* 125 Buddy Christian Way
Athens, GA 30605*

*45 Beaverdam Exit.*

Rescues, please see each pet's entry for information on any sponsorships

ips Save Lives!! Anyone who wishes to offer a donation
for a dog or cat - please contact volunteer Allyson at:
athenspets@gmail.com ( @ gmail.com)

**Sponsorships help rescues pay for required spaying/neutering,
vaccinations and any other vet care needed. **Most rescues just break when
they have a pet adopted from them - they do it for the same love of animals
that we all have.

**Owner Surrenders Die First!! **
**sometimes within 24 hours OF ADMITTANCE when the shelter is full - which
it almost always is.

Lost/stray pet have a 5 day mandatory hold time after which they can be
euthanized at any time.
Impound date are listed by each pet's entry on this web-site. Pets whose
time is up or have the least amount of time are near the top of the list.*

*PLEASE CHECK OUT THE SWEET Pitties, pittie-mixes, black, brown, and
brindle dogs, or black kitties who usually make the EUTH LIST first -
probably because they take longer to be adopted.*


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