8/30/12 Golden Retriever Mix,Chocolate Labrador Retriever/Greyhound Mix, American Bulldog/Boxer Mix, Labrador Retriever/Boxer Mix, Shiba Inu Mix, Buster Such A Sad Expression on his Doggie Face. All Need Out of Mahoning Pound and Adoption Center Youngstown OHIO. KILL POUND- OUT OF TOWN RESCUES AND ADOPTERS WELCOME

Mahoning County Dog Pound and Adoption Center589 Industrial Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44509

(330) 740-2205 (prompt 1 or 2)

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619 Buster

614 Shiba Inu

600 Bambina




Chocolate Labrador Retriever/Greyhound Mix

605 Cadbury


American Bulldog/Boxer Mix

545 Bonnie

Labrador Retriever/Boxer Mix


"RESCUES & Out Of Area Adopters:

Sponsorship Pull assistance Dog information

1st, Please call the pound to put your name on the log book:
330-740-2205 option 1 or 2

2nd, Please email:
CanineCrusader@yahoo.com  "


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