2/13/12 "Durbin WV: Rescues & sponsors urgently needed for dogs and cats! "

Durbin WV: Rescues & sponsors urgently needed for dogs and cats!

Posted by: "Trish M" happydogrescue@gmail.com   themcd1998

Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:57 am (PST)

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Sandy at Last Chance Animal Shelter is overwhelmed with dogs and in dire
need of donations for their care. Her site is probably not even updated
with new intake yet. Feel free to email her for an updated pet list (she
can only check email at night). Here's what's currently showing on
Petfinder. Transport help is available to northeastern states.

Last Chance Animal Shelter - Durbin WV
Sandy - lastchance_rescue@yahoo.com (yahoo.com)
Sponsors/supporters: Please contact Sandy for payPal information. She is
also looking into setting up an account with www.dwolla.com for donations.

Checks can be mailed to
HC 89 Box 13A
Durbin, WV 26264

Joey needs sponsor Mary needs sponsor Jude Eleanor
Dixie~SPAYED!Taco~needs forever home
Punky~ Urgent !!!! Copper~Chipin for medical care Cooper~URGENT!
Maxine~Sponsored! Missy~ Drummer-urgent !!!!!! DannyJake Tanner~URGENT!

Sugar~URGENT!! Brandy~Urgent!!! Bubbles ~Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tia~chipin for spay and rabies Jamboree~chipin for spay and
rabiesShalie~chipin for spay and rabies
BallouKara~chipin for spay and rabies Swirl~Chipin for spay and rabies
Gig Skylo Sally~Needs spayed! Melina~Needs spayed Muffin~chipin for
spay and rabies Ramie~chipin for spay and rabies Fez
Slate~XXURGENT! Ashes~chipin for spay and rabies Marble~chipin for spay
and rabies PanThor~URGENT!Stellaluna~chipin for spay and rabies

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