7/12/10 "Bear shep/chow mix just wants a chance." Liberty County Georgia

Below is an e-mail I received from a very hard working volunteer at Liberty County Animal Control.  PLEASE have a look at this cute boys picture and read what Marissa has to say about him.  She goes into much detail - he sounds like a real gem.  Marissa's husband just deployed to Iraq again and she'd like to go home to VA and know him in a good place.  She has a bunch of dogs herself and her car will already be packed without this big boy.  If you can help her with him, please contact her at Marissa7386@yahoo.com or you can contact me at newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com
Blessings to all of you!
Please pass this dog around to everyone you know.  That would be AWESOME, lol, we got this dog "Bear" in AC back in beginning of May. He's a shep/chow mix possibly? I can't tell his head looks like a lion to me, lol. I felt so sorry for him, and normally I never foster dogs that don't already have somewhere to go because I can't be stuck with them, lol, but he broke my heart he would jump at any loud noises, he wouldn't even let anyone really touch him, but I worked with him and he's made a huge turn around and then he was so big that he was taking up a whole pen and they were talking about PTS and so I just pulled him out to save him and make room. Well at first he stayed in our backyard for almost 2 days, he would not come in the house or let anyone come real close to him without running. Then he's slowly worked his way in and now he comes in and out of the door no problem (he seemed real scared of the door at first). He's really sweet you can do whatever to him and he's fine, he's NEVER growled or showed his teeth, he's submissive to all the other dogs (I had 12 at my house over the 4th and everyone got along great) and he's housebroken, except when he wants to mark territory, which is a recent occurence, I ended up fostering one for a week that was unneutered and so is Bear so it was almost like a contest, but now that that one is gone he still does sometimes and it really makes my males mad. I have a feeling he had never been real socialized with other dogs so he doesn't know how to really act, he kinda follows them around and will be right under them when they pee and he wants to just be near them, but of course after a while they get aggravated, I mean they haven't gotten into fights or anything, but I know Rusty snapped at him and cut his ear because he started marking territory on the food dish while Rusty was eating LOL, which I didn't blame Rusty, I would have snapped too, lol. But anyway, I've had him for about 3 or more weeks now and I haven't had any hits on him, when we've taken him out to the adopt a thons people have commented on how sweet he is and handsome, but they haven't done anything more. My hope was to get him adopted out before I went up to VA which was supposed to be last week, but I'll probably be going this weekend, I'll take him with me if I have to but of course, I would love for him to get adopted out or foster to adopt whatever. So if you are able to just pass him on if anyone you knew was interested, adoption, or rescue wise, I would so greatly appreciate it!

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