1/31/16 The Number of Dogs and Their Stories on the New York City Animal Control List Got to Me. Please Check Out the Deathrow Dogs at NYC AC and if You Can,Rescue, Sponsor, Foster and Adopt. Also Check Out the Links To Dogs and Cats in Other States They Are in Need

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  New Older dog at Staten Island shelter - Owner Surrendered


I've been posting dogs and cats in need for a while but there is something about the NYC kill list that just got to me. The stories of the dogs, the absolute unfairness of the evaluation and judgment process to who is on the kill list is so distressing, I need a break.

These dogs really got to me. This one clinging to people wanting love on the euth list. What kind of system kills a dog who wants to love and be loved by humans. I read on a post she has pneumonia now.  

 Update!!!! Avon was Rescued!!!!!!

 Lets hope there are many more last minute rescues!
And the ones that were killed. Honestly rescuers  and the volunteers at shelters who love the dogs are amazing people dealing with all this sadness daily. The animals keep pouring in. Well it is NYC, lots of people there and there are happy stories but who can focus on that when there are sweet and wonderful and maybe misunderstood dogs who never had any kindness shown to them in life and are killed.


KILLED BY NYC AC- "Deteriorating behind bars."

What does that mean? Instead of making shelters better places where animal are given true shelter  and don't go bonkers or get ill and then are killed or  holding irresponsible owners accountable, what happens? A dog who  actually is responding to confinement or past abuse by falling apart could be a sensitive dog who does not belong in a noisy shelter. With some consistent love from a person who deserved this dog's love and loyalty, and training who know what this dog could have been.

Rest in peace.  Maybe what happens to dogs like you will help other dogs in the future. Open admissions animal shelters have got to change some of their policies.  They are not true shelters. Of course it always boils down to money and politics. What kind of love did this dog know from his family and the shelter? It is human ignorance that killed this dog. Even more than the system. 

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