1/30/16 According to post the killing of dogs has already begun at New York Animal Control. These dogs are owner surrenders, seniors, some are very well behaved and socailized and crave human companionship. Others were not cared for, not fed enough food. I do not have first hand knowledge of this but people who do post on social media. When dogs and cats want to live, what gives us the right to line them up and destroy them? They cannot defend themselves from their killers. I am sorry if people find that word offensive but what else can you call the forceful killing not euthanasia of an animal? This is done only because society allows it and accepts it. I can't imagine that the people who kill these animals are not haunted by what they do.


 Let's hope some of the animals posted in the previous two threads were saved last minute.
 Lining up animals to wait their turn to die is  what some kill shelters do.
 And why are some killed, because they came in okay to the shelter and couldn't deal with the environment or got ill. This is how we shelter  animals. Yes, some make it out and the shelter does try but what about the ones that don't? As a nation we must do better. My rant for today.
 All some of these dogs want is love and what they get from people is the needle.
 What is truly sad about this is many if not most of these animals who exhibit what is considered "not good " behaviour  like being freaked out at the shelter  can be totally different dogs outside that environment. This is a known phenomenon. They are condemned to die, not given a chance.

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