1/30/16 Brookyln NY ACC. Is it too late for Columbus? Is this young dog Alive or Did they Kill him? See his tail wagging in the video while he clutches his toy. We Need ALL the love we can save in this world. Praying he was rescued. To kill this dog is a crime on the level of reality that matters."COLUMBUS is a heartbreaker."

"COLUMBUS is a heartbreaker. Not only do his eyes have such love, hope, vulnerability and sadness in their depths, but he is painfully thin with his ribs protruding,... clearly he has not had the best life so far – and he is just a baby at barely a year – maybe less! Found as a stray, he has had to fend for himself, not something a child should have to do. But look at him…he is so grateful for love, he lets the volunteers dress him up in a sweet tie – only adding to his adorableness further. And his tail – you must watch his video – it twirls in a circle, a whirligig of a thing that never stops when he is with his human friends. He adores people, and wants so much to please. He will even go along with a game of fetch, though he never retrieves the ball, he just runs back to your side for praise and treats. He was .."


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