4/22/13 "Animal Rescue Site - The One Picture Saves A Life program teaches shelters and volunteers how to groom an animal for photography, take pictures with the right lighting, location, and technology, and more, working toward the very best chance of adoption. With more and more adoptions beginning online, a photo that really shows the personality of a pet is more likely to get noticed." You CAN Help Dogs and Cats in Shelters Find Homes. Please Donate.

"In partnership with John Paul Pet, The Animal Rescue Site/GreaterGood.org, Seth Casteel, and the Petfinder Foundation.
Each year, an estimated 8 million pets enter the shelter system in the U.S. About half are never adopted.
When a dog or cat arrives at an animal shelter, it is often frightened, dirty, and disoriented. As part of the intake process, the animal has its photo taken, and this untimely photo is the face that people see when considering adoption.
A blurry, poorly framed, or depressing photo of an animal that is scared and confused can hurt its chances of adoption. In an overfull shelter with limited resources, it is rare to find the expertise and equipment needed to get a professional, compelling photograph for each and every animal. Yet a clear shot of a smiling, clean, happy animal can connect to an enormous online audience of potential adopters.
The One Picture Saves A Life program teaches shelters and volunteers how to......"
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