4/17/13 "Pulaski Co, VA: Shelter is FULL! SWEET volunteer-favorite Senior Lab/ Chow Mix Was Neighborhood Dog." Spaniel Mixes, Pitbull Mixes, Terrier Mixes, Mini Pin, Shephard Aussie Mixes, Boxer, Yellow Lab, English Bulldog Mix, Cattle Dogs, Coonhounds, Bernase Mountain Dog Mix All Homeless Abandoned (Owners Died ) Dogs at Shelter NEED Help. Many Super Sweet Loving Friendly Shelter Dogs Adopt. Rescue. Please.

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"Erin Silks" erinsilks

If you can help, please email the shelter at
 rescue@pchsva.org (@pchsva.org) and
 please cc: me at erinsilks@yahoo.com (@yahoo.com)
 if you need transport help. PLEASE SHARE!

If you can't see the pictures, please email me
 and I'm happy to attach them!

Volunteer favorite ~ can anyone help this sweet senior?
 Bear (a.k.a. Merle), senior lab/chow mix. Bear was
 a "neighborhood dog," which means everyone fed him a
nd everyone liked him, but no one cared enough to bring
 him into their home and take care of him.
Bear is a sweet old man
 just looking for a happy retirement. He walks funny due to
 what is most likely an old, untreated (in other words,
 NEGLECTED) injury, but seems to get around okay and
doesn't seem to be in any pain. He likes other dogs and
spins his tail like a propeller when he sees them (same
reaction for people!). Bear may not be long for this world,
and we are hoping that someone will show him the love and
 care in his final days that he should have had his whole life.

Bella, young female terrier mix, approximately 30-35 lbs.
 Good with other dogs.

Betsy, young female shepherd/aussie mix. This girl has
 been there a while now!

Clovis, young male redbone coonhound mix. Good
 with other dogs.

Coco, neutered beagle/lab mix. Coco is 7 years old, up
 to date on shots, and is good with other dogs and just
loves everyone.Currently in foster, needs a home or rescue.

Dakota, neutered male pit bull. Good with other dogs.

Darcy, female spaniel mix approximately 3-4 years old.

Diesel, male pit bull puppy approximately 4 months old
. Good with other dogs.

Domino, male heeler/terrier mix puppy. Good with other dogs.

Ginger, spayed female Jack Russell Terrier mix. Very sweet
and affectionate and seems to be house trained. This full
figured sweetie ended up at the shelter with her BFFs,
 Tiki and Webster, when their owner passed away. Can
be adopted together or individually.

Heidi, adult female boxer. Good with other dogs.

Hunter, young male yellow lab mix. Sweet boy
who likes other dogs.

Josie, adult female redbone coonhound mix.
Super sweet girl who likes other dogs.

Justice, young female English Bulldog mix. Good with
 other dogs. Justice came to the shelter with her BFF,
 Madison. They can be adopted together or separately.

Kirby, young male Puggle. Super cute and spunky.
 Likes other dogs, even ones bigger than him!

Laddie, female mixed breed puppy. She looks like a
 blue-eyed, purse sized lab. Very sweet and friendly.

Lady, young female terrier/lab mix. Good with
 other dogs.

Lady, young female American Pit Bull Terrier mix
 with docked tail. Lady, her BFF Maggie, and 3 puppies
 were left in a snow, mud, and water filled kennel in the
freezing cold. Maggie and the puppies have already gone
 to rescue, and lucky Lady is in a fabulous foster home
with her pit bull foster brother and former Pulaski shelter
 dog, Diesel. Lady loves her foster family, but is patiently
 waiting for a family of her own. Lady is spayed, up to
date on shots, house trained, good with other dogs, and
loves everyone she meets!

Leo, male pit bull puppy, approximately 3-4 months old.
 Good with other dogs.

Lulu, young female Chiweenie. Good with other dogs.

Madeline, young female spaniel mix. Very good with other dogs.

Madison, female English Bulldog mix. Good with other dogs.
 Madison came in with her BFF, Justice. They can be adopted
 together or separately.

Margo, female Australian Cattle Dog mix puppy. Very sweet
 and a super silly pants.

Marmaduke, adult male Great Dane mix, approximately 1
year old. Gets along with other dogs.

M.J., young female min-pin mix. Good with other dogs.
 She is scared in her kennel (it's very noisy at the shelter
 sometimes!) but she livens up once she is out of the kennel.

Phoebe, tiny female terrier with spindly legs. Timid and shy
, but gets along with other dogs.

Prissy, young female Boxer. Good with other dogs. Does
 not seem to have any hearing issues.

Rambler, male German Shepherd mix, approximately 40 lbs
. Very timid and scared, probably due to being in a strange
 and noisy environment. Seems ok with other dogs.

Roxanne, older female chow/retriever mix. Roxanne was found
 running at large with BFF Lita.

Squirt, young male terrier mix. Gets along with other dogs.

Strider, male American Pit Bull Terrier puppy approximately
 6-8 months old. Good with other dogs and seems to already be house trained.

Sugar, female American Pit Bull Terrier.

Tiki (short for Tequila), neutered male Chihuahua mix.
 Tiki came to the shelter with his BFFs, Ginger and Webster,
 after their owner passed away. Can be adopted together or individually.

Tipsy, young female red heeler mix. Tipsy is lucky to be alive
after being nearly starved to death and left out in the cold. Her left ear
 is constantly curled up due to frostbite. She is back in tip-top
shape thanks to being seized by animal control. Tipsy is a super-
smart girl who is very social with humans and other dogs. She is
doing very well with her house training as well.

Wilson, adult male spaniel/Bernese Mountain Dog mix.
 Good with other dogs.

Erin Silks/Transport Coordinator,
 Rural Shelter Transports
Fairfax, VA

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