5/4/12"Extremely urgent ! Bonnie & Clyde need a home now ! Bonnie is extremely stressed out living the shelter life. Bonded couple, Bonnie and Clyde are 7+ years old and have found themselves stuck in a shelter. They appear to be brother and sister. Clyde is very dependant on Bonnie and they must be adopted together. Bonnie is deteriorating and is in desperate need of a home. They are hound / cattle dog mixes. Clyde is a funny guy and is somewhat of a clown. Bonnie is the more serious of the two and is motherly to her brother Clyde. They are both friendly and loving dogs. They are good driving in a car. They are spayed and neutered, up to date on vaccinations and house trained" Cattle Dog Mix. New Haven CT

They love people and are wonderful with kids.  Please, all they are asking for is some love and a nice cushy couch to lay on.  Time is of the essence.  Bonnie will not last much longer in a kennel....she needs love , companionship and a warm happy home. 
Senior dogs are the best and Bonnie and Clyde would be so thankful and give you all their love !  Clyde guarantees he will make you laugh every day (just look at his picture giving the high five).  Bonnie is a lovebug and would love to prove it to you. 
Please contact the Branford Animal Shelter today at 203-315-4125.
Please crosspost.  Time is of the essence. 
Thank you,
Delette Corwel
Independant Rescue Coordinator."

 New Haven CT. Shelter
 See  more pictures on right sidebar 5/4/12

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