5/25/12 New Policy New Britain Ct Dog Pound Possibly Condemns Dogs to No Adoption or Rescue and Death/ Three Dogs(Pit mixes) Will BE KILLED 5/25 -5/28

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From Delette

Three dogs in New Britain, CT will be euthanized either tomorrow or Monday (5/25 or 5/28)  .  Below are their Petfinder ads.  Please save them if you can. 

http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22870596  - Queenie - calm and quiet in kennel

http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22814143 - Biruta - he was tested a month ago and did ok with a female dog and tested ok with cats.  Athletic young dog

http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22814143 - Truffle - no information, sorry
I am no longer welcome at the pound to spend time with the dogs , evaluate them and report my findings to you for rescue consideration.  The ACO, Officer Russo, will not allow the dogs out of their kennels for me, for rescues or for adopters.  He has stated people can only look at them through the kennel door. 
I encourage you to call the pound and convey how you feel about this to Officer Russo.  The phone number is 860-223-5021. We all know the dogs have NO chance of getting adopted this way.  If you feel ambitious I encourage you to call the Police Chief as well, as  Officer Russo says these are direct orders from his chief. 
My heart is breaking for these dogs.  I have been assisting Officer Russo with evaluating and getting these dogs into rescues for the past year. 
Of course if you are interested in a dog, I am always happy and ready to transport, so let me know.
Truly heartbroken,
Delette Corwel
Ruff and Scratchy Incorporated

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