EUTH SAT OR SUNDAY !!!!!!!!5/10/12 URGENT ! 4 Dogs New Britain, CT - Euthanization date of 5/14/12 Homeless Dogs Unless YOU Rescue, Adopt. All They Want To Do Is Play Ball, Be Loved, Be With A Person Who Keeps Them Safe. Instead Will They Get A Lethal Injection? Pit, Terrier, Lab, Bulldog Hound Mixes.

5/11 They WANT TO LIVE


have attached some new pictures that I took of Sweety today.
Update on the four dogs......
One inquiry on Sweety but nothing for Pepperoni, Casey or Bob. ALL dogs still need rescuing. ACO was asking me today if I am getting any dogs out this Saturday. I couldn't say yes. He is getting ready to euthanize. If you are interested in helping one of these dogs live , NOW is the time to act, they may be euthanized tomorrow or Sunday, but definitely Monday.
I tested Sweety and Pepperoni with cats today. Both passed. I am going to the pound tomorrow for adoption hours which are 10 - 12. If you would like me to test the dogs in any way please let me know. I can be reached by phone or text at 203-464-2457.
Look at these faces and give them a chance.
Pepperoni makes the greatest eye contact and is eager to please. Although he was curious about the cats he made no attempt to lunge or stare them down , he just turned his head the other direction.
Sweety was indeed afraid of the cats. She was hiding behind the officer who was holding her leash. When the cat approached her, she did show her teeth but turned around and walked the opposite direction. The tiny kitten she met, she was fine with. In one of the pictures of her you can see her interacting with a 3 week old puppy (not hers).
Time is ticking for these dogs in New Britain.
Contact Delette Corwel at 203-464-2457 or


 Crosspost from Delette

"Euthanization date of May 14th, Monday.  Four dogs need rescue or adoption.

Bob - Been at the pound for 2 months.  Two year old lab / terrier mix.  Energetic and playful.  Bob loves to play fetch and chew on the toy.  He is approximately 55 lbs.  Good with dogs.

Pepperoni - Been at the pound for 1 -1/2 months.  One year old staffordshire terrier.  Approximately 50 lbs.  Playful , happy guy.  After a good play match he turns into a lap dog.  Short and stocky handsome boy.  Good with dogs.

Casey - Been at the pound for 2 months.  Casy is a happy playful girl.  She likes to run around and be silly.  1 year old American bulldog mix.  Casey does not prefer the company of other dogs , but is good with cats.  She has never had puppies.  She gives kisses and takes treats gently.  Approximately 50 lbs.
Sweety - (I apologize for the picture, I will get new ones)  Been at the pound for a month.  She was bred ALOT, she came in dripping milk but her puppies were no where to be found.  She appears to be a hound / terrier mix.  She has a funny bark houndy cry....very cute.  She is a complete lovebug, she jumps into your arms and just wants to be hugged.  She didn't want to play with toys.  Eager to please and curious.  Gentle soul.  Guessing around 3 years old and approximately 55 lbs.  She is gray
Time is of the essence for these dogs.  Call or email Delette Corwel at 203-464-2457 or poomeister@hotmail for more information or to arrange to pick them up.  Transportation can be provided for rescues. 
Thank you for your consideration."

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Elizabeth said...

This is so sad. Good dogs needing homes. Where are adopters and rescues? THE AC IS GETTING READY TO KILL them.