1/17/12 "Two Cats At Animal Control No One Seems to Want" Beautiful Girls at HIGH KILL Liberty Cty Animal Shelter Georgia.. Can You Help Them?


CONTACT: Petra Brooks at newbeginningsanimalrescue@gmail.com

I am not sure what it is but it seems nobody wants either of these beautiful kitties.  Please cross post with all of your contacts.  There must be someone out there who would love to have either one of these babies…

This beautiful little girl, looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat with the tufts of hair coming out of her ears. Her eyes are AMAZING, they are not exactly green but they are not blue either... Almost reminds me to the water in the Caribbean.  It appears that she was not treated kindly in the past because she cowers and is visibly scared when you first reach into her cage but then let's you hold her and love on her.  Also, this baby's coat is worse for wear... She appears to have a flea allergy with the hair thinning on her tail and her coat feeling hard. :-( This baby needs some tender loving care and she will be amazingly beautiful. Are you willing to put in a little time and effort for a huge pay off in the end? Well, then Miranda is for you and I promise you, she will KNOW that you have helped her and she will be a loyal and loving girl to you for the rest of her life. I have already given Miranda a dose of Advantage Multi for cats."

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