1/13/12 Ironton,OH_Chained dogs, zero commitments. FREEZING TEMPS THIS WEEKEND!! VETTING SPONSORED!!!!!!"

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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 10:28:52 -0800
Subject: Chained dogs - zero commitments in Ironton OHIO!!! FREEZING TEMPERATURES THIS WEEKEND!! VETTING SPONSORED!!!!!!

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Female Shephard mix.  DOLL!  About 50lbs.
White fluff ball.  Male we believe.  About 50lbs and a real looker.  He is a bit standoffish right now.. of course my dad is a big man and these dogs have had little contact for weeks...Dad thinks this baby will warm up quickly especially once dad feeds him for a few days.
Female - black and white.  Seriously she is adorable.  Sweet, attentive and desperately wants out of her cage.
Herbie - I know people wont be fighting over Herbie.  He is a rottie mix (maybe with terrier).  Herbie is a DOLL.  Submissive and loving with humans (even my big ol’ dad).  I fear that Herbie will be left behind.  
Male - black and tan beagle mix??  Sweet and a bit shy.  He makes me sad!  He knows his dog house is the safest place right now.
Female - larger at about 45 lbs or so.  Corgi mix??/ Large Corgi.  Sweet and social.
Old and fluffy.  I don’t know gender at this time.  This dog is scared - scared - scared. 
 Older and the most heart breaking sight.  I desperately want this dog to have a few years of freedom.


Ladies: Please crosspost this far and wide.  These SPONSORED dogs are on chains and the temps will be in the single digits this weekend. They need rescue commitments ASAP.  Ashland Animal Rescue Fund can get them freed, vetted and on transport… but they need to be liberated from their chains.  Some of these dogs are wonderful…. And desperately need a second chance.  Here is the situation described by Amy, the director of Ashland Animal Rescue Fund( AARF)
Hello -
Again we have an owner willing to surrender a yard full of chained dogs. 
 This is an older couple who live in Ironton OH.  They lived in a mobile
 that flooded in the last big rain.  They moved to town and left their
 'pets' behind.
  They were driving over and feeding them every couple of days. 
 They called us 
as they were out of money for food and gas
Dad went over day before yesterday to check the dogs out. 
.  The dogs are all chained inside of makeshift kennels. 
 The floor of their kennels
 are just waste and mud.  The dogs all look okay
 but y'all it is getting very very cold here.
  I can absolutely sponsor their transport fees and 
basic vetting is about $75.00.  All are sweet.
  I am desperate to find a place for these babies
 before they freeze to death.  
PLEASE look and consider even one of them.
***CONTACT: amylfogelman@gmail.com   and   
AARF can get weights and ages on the dogs and do
 further temp testing. 
Thank you.

Location in the State of Ohio

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