5/4/10 These DOGS DIE this afternoon. Come on Please Save Them! Georgia

"Please have a look below at the dogs who are due to die today at Chatham County Animal Control in Savannah, GA.  Euthanasia is late this afternoon.  PLEASE, I beg you, cross post one more time.  We can't give up until the deed has been done and it's too late for them...

If you would like to adopt/foster/rescue one of these poor souls, please see the contact information below:
Michelle at 912-434-1448 or 912 -401-2991 or, you can also call Savannah Animal Control direct at 912-351-6750
To contact by e-mail, please send to saveadogaday50@gmail.com

CONNOR is a large male, adult black Newfoundland mix.  He is heart worm negative, UTD on shots, excluding rabies.  Someone cared enough about this boy to sponsor him.  Please look at his very sad eyes and tell me you are not feeling his pain deep down inside?!  He needs you now.  Please…


BRIDGETTE is a drop dead gorgeous, super soft, female, medium sized (approx. 40 lbs.) Golden Retriever mix with adorable, floppy ears.  She is estimated to be under 3 years old.  She is VERY friendly with people and dogs.  She is heart worm negative and UTD on shots, excluding rabies.  It is unknown whether she is spayed.


WENDY is a female medium sized black and white Dalmatian/Hound/Lab mix.  She is heart worm negative and UTD on shots, excluding rabies.  She is VERY friendly with people and other dogs and does great walking on the leash.  She is a happy dog because she does not understand the danger she is in.  She is also one of the AC’s FAVORITES because she is so loveable and has such a unique look!!!


MARGE is a female medium sized Brittany Spaniel mix.  She was hit by a car but the driver kept going...  She was since checked out by a vet and is doing well.  She is UTD on shots, weighs approx. 30 lbs. and is estimated to be under 3 years old.  Marge is very sweet and seems to understand that her situation is dire.  Just look into her eyes and you will agree.  She greets onlookers with a soft, pleading look, as to say “Why… What did I do to deserve this?  Was I not always a good girl?”  Please don’t let Marge die, thinking that she was bad and did not deserve to have a good life and a loving family.


An entire litter of BLACK LAB PUPPIES, approx. 10 weeks old and UTD on shots will be killed later today...  Need I say more?  What has this world come to when so many babies are being killed every day…

Please remember to Spay/Neuter your pet.  The number one cause of death in healthy animals

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