3/4/16 UPDATE 3/6/16 According to Dogs in Danger Sweet Friendly Dog Hit By Car In Pain at Miami Dade Shelter in Florida Will Be Killed Tomorrow. This Dog's Broken Leg Was Not Set. No One Came For Him. One Day Left. Would Someone in the Area or a Rescue Help This Dog? How Heartbreaking. If This Was a Person, The Leg Would Have Been Fixed.


 Update 3/6/16 According to Dogs in Danger Tobby was Adopted!!!! Rescued.
 The rescue has started a campaign to raise money to fix his leg.


Please Save His Life- Only One More Day on the Planet According to Dogs in Danger. Look at this Eyes. Can't you see what a sweetheart he is? Doesn't he deserve some human kindness. To be killed because he has an untreated broken leg is so wrong.

"Poor Tobby has been waiting 3 weeks in the shelter with a broken leg! Despite his painful injury, volunteers describe him as sweet and friendly. He is urgent and in danger of being killed unless someone comes forward to save him. A heartbreaking video of Tobby can be found with his description here."

All Infro From Dogs in Danger

Bullmastiff (mix breed)
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Shelter Information:
Miami-Dade Animal Services
7401 NW 74 St
Miami, FL
Shelter dog ID: A1759472
Phone: 305-884-1101image: skypec2c://r/204
Name: Adoptions

Read more at http://www.dogsindanger.com/dog/1456948205681#orMuSAKyKV5GRC65.99


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